Oct 21

Check out this podcast!

First thing this morning it was into the studio. The morning crew had a program to shoot. An interview, stuff going on about time, a little feature on alumni, and so on. It’s a tight little show and it’ll be out on Monday.

They also produced the new show, Behind The Curtain. It features an interview with a short film director. The project they are highlighting in the new episode is a send off of 1960s and 1970s horror movies. That’s not my genre, but the interview made it sound interesting. So I’ll be watching that at some point next week.

But until then, you can check out …

Professor Laura Littlepage has been studying rural homelessness in our neighboring county. As in so many things, the circumstances and the stakes and the solutions are different in urban and rural contexts. So when I found this study I was immediately interested in learning more.

There’s a story in that conversation about a person living in a trailer that slide into a creek. Then the trailer had to be hauled out of the creek. There are stories about people living in tool sheds out back of someone else’s house. And there’s a story about someone living in an outbuilding without the owners’ knowledge. That’s no way to live. One of the big takeaways is that it’s hard to understand the true scale of the problem — that community leaders themselves struggle with that — and it’s difficult to do much about it until you do. It’s an interesting interview, if I do say so.

Which gets us caught up with everything for the day. I think I’ll have a seat and try to do as little as possible for a day or so, which means …

Oct 21

We had an important, historic night in the studio

Tonight it was the sports group in the studio. The producers came to me and talked about a special program they were considering and they teased out all the necessary details. They wanted to walk about the health of women’s sports. They had topics, subtopics, timing, guests, all of it figured out. They wanted to break their normal routines and do something they felt was important. They took the initiative and those are the days that make the rest of the days worth it. One of the shows looked like this.

It was timely, topical and pointed conversation about where we are in women’s sports, and why, and where we should be. They were excited to do it, and excited afterward, as they should be. Every episode deserves this much gusto.

Also, since I have mentioned this show in this space in the last week, we can make one more historical note.

Today’s shows will be up later this week. I will, of course, share them here.

For now, here are the shows the news team produced last night. First, HNS:

And after Hoosier News Source we have What’s Up Weekly:

And here’s today’s pocket square. I must warn you, it’s a loud one.

Tomorrow … I have no idea what will be here. But you can at least count on the continued presence of Catober.

Oct 21

A stationary front

The signs of summer are still with us. Saw this lovely little bit of shrubbery on a walk late last evening.

The signs of fall are coming slowly, and then suddenly. Same walk, just a little farther up on the same path.

So today my pocket square is autumnal.

Two years ago we observed Halloween and a snowfall. I’m going to try to not think about that every day between now and then. Each day in the next week or two when we have temperatures in the 70s and low 80s are a gift. A confusing gift.

But that weather out there? My friend Caroline Klare told me it would be like this.

In 2017 IUSTV decided to incorporate some weather into their newscasts. Someone knew someone studying atmospheric sciences. The first student-meteorologist was great, figured the TV thing out very quickly and did a fantastic job right up to graduation and went out into the world and got a job at BAMWX, a weather tech company. Two more students came through, one went to graduate school out west. One landed a great TV job in North Carolina, and Caroline is the last of that original cohort. Incredibly smart woman, wise beyond her years. She’s had a meteorology job waiting for her since her junior year.

Often as not, she orders me up some lovely weather, too.

I’m thinking about going to study atmosphere sciences.

Oct 21

It is once more Friday, let us away to … the Institute!

Please enjoy social scientists talking about their work, and the opportunity that I have to share a bit of it with you, the casual viewer.

And if that’s not enough video content with which to wind down your week, here’s more quality teevee programming the IUSTV crowd has recently produced that I haven’t yet shared here. This is the late night comedy- variety- experimental- awkward- affirmative- comedy- show. It’s a comedy.

“Always Be Recording. Always.”

Here’s the morning show. It’s their first episode of the season, and they have two brand new co-hosts. Still a good way to start your mid-morning, if you ask me.

This is a brand new show. They’re showing off video works of other students, and talking to the creators. It’s a pretty cool concept!

And that’s how we’ll get to the weekend. Have a lovely one!

Sep 21

Late night, so just a few quick things

Something for you to listen to, if you haven’t already heard this one.

These school board meetings, around here, around the country, the angst, the rage, parents targeting students. It’s a bizarro world driven by the insecurities of a few preying on school board members who didn’t sign on for this. And everyone knows it.

Read this statement from a school district in northern Indiana:

A person’s beliefs notwithstanding, harassing and trying to intimidate others because of what you read on Facebook or have seen on OAN is some kind of performance. People are going to have to live with this one day. Righteous indignity and a lack of self-awareness don’t stay merged forever.

Except, of course, when they do.


It was a part of a big show. They shot it like proper television, and it worked well. They only had to loop two or three pick-ups.

I stopped by their post-production meeting — which I do about twice a year at most, even though they always look like a lot of fun — to compliment them specifically. The sports folks are doing some really nice work to be this early in the year.

And the news side, a bit younger but no less enthusiastic, is coming along, too. These were the shows they produced when we were in the studio last night.

And on this show, Anna was riding solo. It was a bit of last-minute planning. Unfortunate that it had to happen, but this is a good place to have to learn to deal with curveballs.

And if you like baseball talk, come back later tomorrow, and Friday, for a lot more sports, here in this same space. Until then, listen to that show above. And if you see yourself in a television, be just as cool as Ta, up there.