Feb 19

To help you ease into your weekend …

Here are three sports programs the sports crew produced in the studio last night. This first one is the weekly talk show, four people sitting around talking about sports:

This is a highlight show, which features various Indiana sports and the crew is showing you the highlights and telling what’s been going on with each program:

And this is a condensed highlight show, for those people who are interested in IU sports, but can’t watch a full-length program:

You are too busy and you should watch more programming, really. They are having a lot of fun making it:

I was back in the studio this morning for a take on the old Dating Game show. That should be out early next week.

A game I’ve been running on Twitter has concluded:

What do you think? Did the voters get it right? What should have made the final round? Even if you have an entirely different set of songs, at least one of these is now stuck in your head. You are, of course, welcome for that.

Feb 19

Video things

Time in the studio last night. We’ve started experimenting with a one-anchor desk. It could become a great thing. Allison Zeithammer is holding things down this week:

Also, National Weather Person Day is apparently a thing. I know a lot of meteorologists and weather people, and we had two of them hanging out in the studio last night. So they did a little thing with them:

This is my favorite thing of the day:

Feb 19

Twitter teases (I’m clever there, you should follow me)

Just some of the things you might have missed on Twitter this weekend:

Tossed biscuits taste better. Just saying.

Here’s another sports show my TV friends produced Thursday night:

There’s a story here:

I’ll tell you about it next week.

Just watch the video:

Saw this today. It made sense:

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Jan 19

Oh it is much warmer now, thanks

We hit the double digits mid-afternoon. The teens, even. Why, it doesn’t even feel cold anymore … indoors. My lungs, which I complained about yesterday, are better indoors. It feels like an irritation, similar to some other kinds of complaints of irritation, but different. It isn’t debilitating, but it is a bit uncomfortable. I’ll be fine tomorrow, no doubt.

Six new images to see today in the books section. Click the book cover below to jump right in to today’s additions.

See all of the interesting bits from this book here. If you’d like to check out all of the stuff I’ve posted from my grandfather’s books so far, start here.

We produced sports shows in the studio tonight:

They also recorded two other programs which will be rolled out later this week.

And at home tonight, I learned that there is no bottle Best Before date:

Interesting things I found elsewhere today:

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Jan 19

To a warmer weekend than I’ll have

By each of our office doors, there is a little plastic name plate. And beneath the name plate there is a little piece of bulletin board cork. They are maybe five inches wide and four inches tall. On mine I have a business card. Most people leave little notes about their office hours. Right now, a journalism colleague has this on his:

Perhaps this explains why we get along.

Spent this morning, which was stupid cold, in the television studio watching a student production come to life.

It was stupid cold outside:

If I keep saying that, maybe it will warm me up.

Here are the YouTube versions of the shows the sports crew produced in-studio last night. First up, the weekly clip show:

Then there’s the talk show:

And this is the new project, a brief social media only digest they’re calling The Chase:

This evening I stopped by the local tailoring concern to pick up two pairs of suit pants. The recent snow was occupying several parking spots, and the Friday evening crowds took up the rest. I had to walk a fair amount of way in that cold cold. But then I saw this person’s parking effort.

The license plate implies the driver might be a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. So thanks for your service and all. And kudos on parking over the snow pile. But you double parked.