Apr 17

This isn’t entirely about cycling

We saw the women’s race on Friday and the men’s race on Saturday. Both days it was supposed to rain. Both days prevailing winds kept the showers away. And late in the day on Saturday spring returned again. It is a skittish spring.

Anyway, the race strategy is all about transitions. There are up to four members on a team and you are swapping out riders left and right to meet the rule requirements and to keep your teammates fresh. The ideal thing to do is to break away from the pack so you can have a bicycle exchange without losing any time. So the guy leaving the race is revving up to about 130 RPMs only to stop on a dime and let the teammate take over. And sometimes that leads to crashes. And sometimes there are just crashes in the field itself. I could do without that. But these guys were moving, averaging just over 24 miles per hour for two hours, counting a few caution laps.

Here’s a green flag restart after one of the race’s three big cautions:

Little 500

And here is the winner coming across the line, the paper calls them the people’s champions, the Black Key Bulls:

Little 500

A fine bicycle race! Here are some clips:

I made a gif, too, if you prefer:

By Sunday afternoon it was fully spring again … promising another attempt at the second season of the year, this one destined to last a full 48 hours before some cold and gray day moves back into the region. So it was spring and sunny and crisp and we set out to enjoy. On our bike ride on the north side of town I found two cool barns:



Which brings us to today. We got to play the part of tour hosts for a bit today. The grandson of a family friend is making his college trips and he was here for a quick stopover for a few informational sessions, some building tours and meeting a few students. Late in the day we caught up with them at the Sample Gates:

Sample Gates

Truly, it was chamber of commerce weather. It is always just like this here young man, no matter what they tell you.

Apr 17

An engagement, and a movie

So this happened in the studio the other night:

Tonight: In honor the Little 500 races, which take place tomorrow and Saturday, we are tonight watching Breaking Away.

The Yankee has never seen it. I grew up with this movie. It holds up pretty well, even if the race now seems like the weakest act of the movie.

This part is true. The part where Dave picks up the young woman’s book and chases her down has that nice little chase sequence through the campus (which isn’t shown in a logical linear order, of course). When he turns right, by the greenhouse, he’s going on to 3rd Ave. We drive that road regularly and it also seems a miracle no one gets hurt there on a regular basis.

Hey, look! That’s our building!

Here’s a slightly different perspective of Franklin Hall:

That tree is also not there.

That scene plays a lot different to me now. The whole sequence there is perfectly touching.

We’ll be at the real thing this weekend. The women’s Little 500 is tomorrow and the men’s race is Saturday.

Mar 17

Just a Thursday

Two of our television shows made the front page of the paper today. You can read the story here.

And I didn’t spend the night in the studio, which is also nice. Thursday evenings usually means a night shoot, but they did two shows last night. Here’s one of them now:

That dual-shoot meant the last thing I’d have to do today was a meeting at 6:30. But that meeting got canceled just before my 4:30 meeting, so I got to go home at 6 p.m. And that meant my 12-hour day was cut to nine. Because I also had the good fortune to attend a meeting at 9 a.m. Sometimes you work 12-hour days, sometimes they don’t materialize. And rather wonder over how the 12s happen, you just enjoy when they don’t. So when you work a full day and you still get home hours before you usually do, why it feels like the weekend starts early.

So fortunate was I that the rain held off until I got back to my office after my last meeting and stopped just in time for me to get in the car and drive home, in the gray daylight.

Would have been better if the skies were blue. But, hey, we might see the sun by the weekend.

Mar 17

I was not awake at 5 a.m.

A good singalong makes one happy:

Too-high, too-wide photo still to come.

I found this today:

Two young men hit by a train in 1917, both lived. And then I found this and this. One lived to 80 and had three kids. The other lived to 85 and had four children. And this quick look online tells me that a man who died at 85 in 1983, in my lifetime, knew his grandfather, who fought at Kennesaw and Nashville and against Hood in Georgia and Alabama. That man, in my lifetime, could probably recall his grandfather who fought in the Civil War on land I know fairly well.

So it is a small world, I guess. Though anything is possible if you start a story with “So this guy found himself crawling out from under an actual trainwreck.”

Today, Indiana fired their basketball coach. Just as the tournament begin, his tenure ended. He’d gone to the Sweet Sixteen last year, indeed, three of the last six years he’d been there, and he won the conference championship twice. But they decided to go a different way, so there was an announcement, and a press conference. And, despite this also being Spring Break, the student media was there:

Dedication, hustle and showing up will get you places in that business. So it is great to see students from both the television station and the newspaper reporting it at full speed. Good for them.

Mar 17

You know you want to see my air guitar movie

Best thing I’ve done today:

Still writing and typing and copying and pasting and hacking away on my week-long project. Actually we’ve made good time on it, and this is because my co-authors have all written interesting and important information. Trimming that is sometimes a challenging thing — That part was important! And this over here was so well-written! — but that’s the task. We have been given a deadline for Friday and we’ll hit it. Deadlines are magical focus magnifiers. Plus I’m working with some sharp people on this.

Here are some more sharp people, they were getting ready to shoot a weekend sports talk show:

Big, bright futures ahead for all of those folks. Some talented young broadcasters are coming along right there.

And here is a show some of our students produced on Tuesday night: