Apr 19

The tone says it all, really


You might say hope springs eternal, but only if you weren’t here this weekend.



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Over it.

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I’m reconciled to the notion of winter. Some people have to deal with it. Where we are right now, it occurs. It ought to know its place and have a better sense of timing.

Mar 19

I used kilometers because it sounds better

A 12-hour day ended with a 90-minute television business meeting, but it started with this television interview.

It was a long day, but there will be a longer one tomorrow.

This is a video about Saturday’s bike ride, the first one of the year. (I certainly was going slow enough to make one…)

Keeping my Game of Thrones Shakespeare theme alive …

I probably can’t do much better than that.

Mar 19

Batter up

Saturday was a beautiful afternoon. It was sunny and 40° and that’s about the best one can hope for in the middle of March. We watched the amazing #19 Indiana softball team take on the thoroughly OK, I guess, Northwestern Wildcats.

We had to break out the rally sunglasses.

But unfortunately the home team lost. One of the nice things about softball, though, aside from the swift play and the nice athleticism, is that there’s always another game. Yesterday they played a doubleheader. We caught the afternoon game, when Indiana took on, and defeated, the perfectly hapless Ohio Bobcats.

Softball played five games this weekend. It’s possible that they have the most grueling collegiate schedule among varsity sports — 55 games in three months, and that’s before tournament play. We know the starting catcher. She’d agree; it’s a lot. Great fun to see, though. It’d be nice if it were, you know, warmer. Because it’s mid-March.

Mar 19

It should be spring, but it’s Indiana

Meteorologically speaking, Sunday was … well, not as bad as today.

Yeah, it’s a legitimate weather event.

I mean, really:

Of course, I saw tulip bulbs on Friday, which, here, means about four more weeks of winter. This is a thing that happens.

Once more, and I can’t stress this enough:

And if that wasn’t enough, this is today:

Feb 19

Hittin’ my stride

There I was, trying to do a duckface after a 10K … It snowed in the morning, but was sunny all afternoon. The wind was this series of ridiculous, swirling gusts. At one point, in a distance of less than 50 yards, I got 20-30 mile per hour winds from three different directions. Serious wind. So there I was, at the end of this little run, trying to make a duckface …

“Hey! You’re getting in the way of me trying to make a duck face so I can put that over Greek mythology jokes on social media!”

This evening was a speed workout. I don’t think I go any faster during it, and I have seen no cumulative effects. Not that I expect any, but still. It’s my second least favorite run. The Yankee is getting faster because of them. This is having a negative effect on me. Do you know how hard I have to work to get far ahead of her?

I need to be that far ahead so I can get my phone ready to shoot video. And I have to do that several times so I can make a little video project:

I’m telling you, she’s really benefiting from those speed workouts. Me, not so much.

Elsewhere, still more people who are better at athletic things than I am!

They said she wasn’t even trying to do much here, either, which is mind-boggling, and more than a little intimidating.

She’s looking to nationals, you see. So that, to the two-time gold medalist, is taking it easy. Unreal.

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