Apr 17

The goodbyes continue

Last Friday night the first show of the year to wrap had their day. Tonight, we’re saying auf wiedersehen to the news show, Hoosier News Source. As always, I learned a lot and I had a great deal of fun. I hope they did too. Those two ladies are the graduating news directors, and they’ve meant a lot to the IUS-TV project in the last few years.


We’re also closing down, for the summer, the pop culture smash hit show What’s Up Weekly. It has been a lot of fun to see, even some of the fashion segments!


This crew has only had to put up with me for the one year, of course, and I hope they found it useful.


Some of them will be going to work in Illinois, here in Indiana, Virginia and elsewhere. They are a talented group of young people. I say it a lot, and think it more often, but they come in on their free time to work on these projects when they could be anywhere. They come do this because they believe us when we say it will be good for them in the long run, professionally. (And it will be.) But they could be anywhere. They all know it, but the few dozen that take part, they’re the smart ones. They’re working extra hard on yet another project that, if I had my way, they’d view as an almost-full time job. They do it without receiving a lot of recognition and they do it for free. They do it because they are awesome.

I, at least, appreciate the effort. I hope they appreciate the experience, and that it serves them well.

Apr 17

This isn’t entirely about cycling

We saw the women’s race on Friday and the men’s race on Saturday. Both days it was supposed to rain. Both days prevailing winds kept the showers away. And late in the day on Saturday spring returned again. It is a skittish spring.

Anyway, the race strategy is all about transitions. There are up to four members on a team and you are swapping out riders left and right to meet the rule requirements and to keep your teammates fresh. The ideal thing to do is to break away from the pack so you can have a bicycle exchange without losing any time. So the guy leaving the race is revving up to about 130 RPMs only to stop on a dime and let the teammate take over. And sometimes that leads to crashes. And sometimes there are just crashes in the field itself. I could do without that. But these guys were moving, averaging just over 24 miles per hour for two hours, counting a few caution laps.

Here’s a green flag restart after one of the race’s three big cautions:

Little 500

And here is the winner coming across the line, the paper calls them the people’s champions, the Black Key Bulls:

Little 500

A fine bicycle race! Here are some clips:

I made a gif, too, if you prefer:

By Sunday afternoon it was fully spring again … promising another attempt at the second season of the year, this one destined to last a full 48 hours before some cold and gray day moves back into the region. So it was spring and sunny and crisp and we set out to enjoy. On our bike ride on the north side of town I found two cool barns:



Which brings us to today. We got to play the part of tour hosts for a bit today. The grandson of a family friend is making his college trips and he was here for a quick stopover for a few informational sessions, some building tours and meeting a few students. Late in the day we caught up with them at the Sample Gates:

Sample Gates

Truly, it was chamber of commerce weather. It is always just like this here young man, no matter what they tell you.

Apr 17

Little 500 and the night show

Today we saw a bike race, and you can see the part just before they started:

The 30th Women’s Little 500 race was won by Kappa Alpha Theta — the time in the middle of the front row here at the start. This was their third victory in the last four years and seventh all-time championship. That’s the most of any team. The women’s race is 25 miles long and was an entertaining way to spend an hour. Also, many of our students were broadcasting or covering the race, so it was fun to see the familiar faces hard at work throughout the facility.

Some of the women that won this race, by the way, came into the studio for our morning show a few weeks ago:

Anyway, after the race, it was back on our usual side of campus, more of our hard working students were producing the series finale of Hella Late with Rob Sherrell our late night host treated his live audience to a rap battle. There were some talented people there. I watched from the audience. This guy won.

Here’s my friend Rob, who hosts that show:

Rob Sherrell

Rob Sherrell is a writer, a comic, a filmmaker. He pitched and co-produced Hella Late. He’s also a standup comedy major. His first professional gig, after school, is directing a documentary in Thailand in just a few weeks.

I asked him, How’d you get that?

“Because of this, because of IUSTV,” he said.

He’s such a cool guy. Smart, thoughtful, funny. He’s got a quiet drive and a prominent, eloquent urgency. He’s one of those, you just know, he’s going somewhere.

He’s about to graduate, so like all of the seniors, you’re ready to hear of the big things in their future.

We say, “Hey, come back and talk about your careers and give the current students hints and tips. And also give us some of your money.” But first, we knew them when.

Apr 17

Happy IU Day

Today was IU Day, which is a big annual fundraising and general let’s create some magical moments and positive publicity day around here. Lovely time, beautiful, warm and sunny weather for it. Everyone was in a chipper mood, perhaps even more so than usual.

I checked in on a few podcasts and other recordings and got a button from a friend that works in the library:

I got to watch a bit of a documentary. I got some office work done. I spent the evening in the studio. The sports guys shot two shows. Here’s part of The Toss Up:

First, tonight, there were highlights and sports updates:

And then the talk show. They talked about whether high school athletes should be able to go pro in the major sports without a stop off in college.

Here’s a video they did afterward:

We have one more week and then they’ll be stressing over finals and dreaming about the summer. And I’ll have to find my own content somewhere else.

Apr 17

In 5, 4, 3 …

I managed to step outside just in time for the clouds to roll in. But I wanted to take pictures, and so take pictures I did. Here’s Franklin Hall, from a slightly different perspective than I have shot it before. This is the place where we spend most of our time:

And here are the Sample Gates next to the building, all decorated out in bright spring landscaping:

Inside Franklin Hall tonight, in the Beckley Studios, we shot a news show tonight. And tonight’s anchors, two seniors who are now counting the days, had a little fun before they put on their serious faces:

Lawson and Neil are talented people. Neil is the outgoing station manager. Lawson is a show producer and she’s packing for a Virginia TV market right after graduation. Their colleague at one of our reporter stations is also incredibly talented. Alex may well be a star reporter in the making:

The crew also shot What’s Up Weekly tonight, and we learned all about the current events, celebrity and style happenings. Also, there was a big surprise, but you’ll have to wait until Sierra and Sheila’s show runs to see that: