Sep 17

Things I saw today

We skipped town after work today. In the parking deck we found a Karmann Gia sitting nearby:

I believe this may be a 1971 model. For a time during its 1955-1974 production run this car was imported into the U.S. more than any other.

Just a nearly perfect car design.

It doesn’t have much on the Toyota Camry though, am I right? I mean here we see the side view mirror and the sun, which is closer than it appears:

That’s something to think about over the weekend, huh?

Saw this at the barbecue joint we ate at tonight:

I wanna be big.

Sep 17

Anyone want to go bowling?

I visited the surplus store this evening. The surplus store is where all of the furniture and old equipment and supplies from the nine Indiana University campuses come to find a new life. If you need binders or filing cabinets or random chairs or old classroom desks or Adidas gear you’ll come away happy every time. It is worth a periodic visit for other things, too, under the You Never Know principle.

Lately, though, most of the stuff I’ve seen worth admiring has been in some mysterious “Not for sale” section behind staff only rope lines.

Tonight, though, I found these:

They must have been on display in some larger athletic department area. The images are pixellated up close, but you’d be impressed by all of the old logos from middle-of-the-road bowl games of postseasons past.

A television show the students produced last night:

And here’s another one:

And there will be two more tomorrow night.

Sep 17

This is one of my favorite autumn jokes

You find the first maple tree you can, because it is always maples, owing to their physiology, and you wait until the first leaf goes. Then you point that out:

And you say “Maple leaves are quitters!”

You can tell a lot about a person by the sorts of jokes they like. The people that like that joke, the people that get that joke, are worthy of more such cynical, nerdy humor.

Anyway, I saw that leaf today. I had to deliver a lecture on recording sound — photographs yesterday, sound today, television tonight, video tomorrow, that multimedia experience is paying off this week! — gathering and editing. On the way back to my own building afterward was when I found that leaf, the first real sign of autumn, the first real quitter of the season.

And thus begins the long sigh into winter.

Sep 17

I do the photographic Don’ts – sometimes on purpose

I delivered a lecture on photojournalism composition to a graduate class today. So we talked about the rule of thirds and margins and the golden ratio and visual storytelling and all of that.

My favorite section — after Step 1.) Removing the lens cap — is the Don’ts section. Don’t do grip and grin shots. Don’t shoot buildings. Don’t put people right up against a wall. Don’t let mergers creep into your shots. Don’t do the Facebook photo poses. You know, the let’s all get together and squat down, or throw fists on hips or, my favorite, just stand in front of a thing. It’s good for Facebook, not so much for the work you’re trying to do here. I show the students, who are always paying close and careful attention, several examples. I used this one of my mother-in-law for the Facebook photo:

Also, I need a haircut.

Yesterday’s sports talk show from the sports talk guys:

From the Department of You Gotta Love People:

Sep 17

Let’s get into this weekend!

This morning’s ride powered by four hours of sleep and nineties tunes. It was air-cooled by 53° temps and accompanied by this guy:

And this morning we were in the studio shooting a morning show. Well, the students were in the studio. I sat in the back of the control room watching them through a monitor:

And here’s a show from last night, when we were so much younger:

And possibly more awake.