Apr 19

The tone says it all, really


You might say hope springs eternal, but only if you weren’t here this weekend.



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Over it.

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I’m reconciled to the notion of winter. Some people have to deal with it. Where we are right now, it occurs. It ought to know its place and have a better sense of timing.

Mar 19

Wearing the foxes

Today’s cufflinks and tie combination.

We’re very formal.

Here are some television shows some of our students have put together the last few days. First, a late night show, and then a morning show. You’re covered no matter what time of day you’re reading this.

Mar 19

I’ve got style, for sure

Put this little number together today in the pre-dawn hours. This came together pretty nicely.

Oh, go read this book. I finished it this weekend and forgot to bring it up in a more timely fashion. Don’t let that dissuade you: it’s an incredible tale.

You can find it here. The author, Adam Makos, writes in the preface about how he came to the story, how he tracked down the American pilot who said, No, you have to talk to this other man. He’s the star in my story. This would be the German fighter pilot, and that’s the way the story is told. And when you read it, you know what, he was right.

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Mar 19

Here’s my plan

One day, when the world slows down and I don’t have things to do or places to be, I’m going to do a study of leaves.

I’m going to pick a branch and mark it, somehow.

And then I’m going to take a picture of it each day, from buds until leaf drop. I’m going to do a study of a leaf.

That’s my plan.

Mar 19

One foot in front of the other

And now, a few pictures from yesterday’s run. It was just a quick half-hour three-miler.

I got tasked with running ahead, catching my breath and setting up an action shot:

It took several tries, and that one was as good as it got. (I blame the catching-my-breath part.) If you look just closely, The Yankee has both feet off the ground in that one, a proper running stride.

We posed:

And we took one of our alternate poses: