Feb 21

That’s pretty much how I feel about it, too

When you think about it, with masks on you have to emote in other non-verbal ways. And most talk shows the students I know produce are so polite that there’s discussion and not a lot of dynamic interaction.

But lately I’ve come to realize that I can get a nice action shot before the cameras are rolling. There’s a checklist of things that have to take place before a show can, in fact, go on. And it takes a little time. Once you have people wearing microphones and in their seats they are rehearsing or getting last minute instructions or just chatting.

Sometimes you can pretend with that back-and-forth. This was this evening.

I don’t remember what they’re talking about here, it wasn’t critically important in the scheme of things, probably music or soundbites or something like that. A few moments after this they produced a fine show about the volleyball team. And that’ll be online tomorrow. I’ll share it then.

Otherwise, a normal busy day. It started with a dentist appointment — all good reviews! — and is going to end in a few moments with dishes and laundry and music. So, you can see, some things were accomplished. Some of it was even painless! Everything happened on time and most of all it was pleasant enough. That’s asking a lot for a Thursday, but sometimes Thursdays deliver.

Feb 21

And happy Wednesday to you, too

The Yankee and I had a picnic in the old K-Mart parking lot. It was a drive-thru Chick-fil-A sort of experience, best part of the day with little doubt. The parking lot is next to the restaurant, which is still all drive-thru and curbside pickup and so we got our food and moved off to eat. When I’d finished my spicy chicken sandwich I looked up through the sun roof and noticed this view:

It was a mild day here, if you actually made it outside. I seldom seem able to do that. I live under fluorescent lights in a beige and dirty-cream color office with orange carpet and no windows most of the time. If I get a different view it’s under a handful of LEDs in the studio. But to get outside is nice, to get away for a few minutes is even better. And to see more fake signs of seasonal change is a delight.

As I noted yesterday on Twitter:

And the same thing applies today. So, when I was done with my work day I went up to the top of the parking deck to watch the sky whirl by. It was a pretty good choice, I think. The stratocumulus made for some dramatic views.

And why share one when you can share three? So here are two more pictures from the same parking deck.

Something to see, huh?

Here are some other things to check oiut. These are the videos from last night’s television productions.


Pop culture happenings:

Oh, and I forgot the other day, there’s a morning show to check out, too.

That oughta hold you until tomorrow.

Feb 21

That’s novel; that’s normal

A night in the studio means dressing like it. Or trying, a little bit. Here’s today’s look. It’s novel.

That’s a Christmas shirt and a Santa pocket square. I think they paired nicely together. Also, this is the first time I’ve put on sports coat since November.

Haven’t worn a suit in almost a year. Feels like it, too. So that’s normal now, I guess.

Anyway, one nice thing happening is that the days are getting longer, so at the point of the evening when our crew can get in the studio there’s still a bit of light left. We have windows along one wall and they face east. It can make for some challenging shoots in the morning on some of our sets, but you also get a few minutes of that lovely golden light in the morning and evening.

Now if only there were leaves on those trees. In a couple of long months … we’ll have a great many green things out there. And then, in a shockingly few number of days, we’ll be used to them, once again.

If there’s one thing you can say about our society, we get used to the most amazing things incredibly quickly. We’re so good at it we don’t even realize we do it anymore.

Oh, that’s novel! Oh … that’s normal …

I watched students produce two new news shows tonight. It’s both normal and novel. That’s the fun part of doing the news, sometimes. There’s usually something new in there. Sure, the weather is the weather and the sports are wins and losses and you get quotes for this or that, but then you seize on an important story. They’ve got one of those tonight. Or you get a great guest. And the talk show had a TikTok star on this evening, for what that’s worth.

I wonder what that’s worth. The guy apparently has a few million followers. Apparently he does his dances in classes and that was a big part of his audience growth — which says a lot about the app and the audience. It wasn’t obvious from the interview that he’s monetized that. How novel.

All that will be online tomorrow, and you can see it here, then. Very normal.

Feb 21

Another week it is, then

This was one of the larger snow mounds at the big box store last weekend. It was before the big snow. Let’s chart it’s progress.

This is that same mound of snow on Saturday.

It was joined by one that was even larger.

We’ll see how long they last. It is warming up a bit this week, but that’s a lot of snow. A colleague, online, is predicting they’ll be with us until mid-March. I hope not, but he may be correct.

If you go out there with a blow dryer to speed up the process that’s cheating. But we’ll allow it.

Yesterday we went to the grocery store. We needed shallots and batteries and figured, it’s a pleasant-ish enough day. Let’s make a walk of it. So we walked up to the grocery store. Two miles, one way. The store did not have shallots. (Dinner was delicious anyway, and I most assuredly drove the shallots joke into the ground.)

On the new pedestrian bridge, on the walk back:

My feet only got a little wet tromping through the snow. Some sidewalks haven’t been cleaned since the last snow, last Tuesday. And that, I suppose, why the city is trying to annex more land, so it can tax it and not clean it.

The meadows look nice though!

The cats are doing fine. They’ve lately noticed that we’re getting a little more sunlight once again. Everyone is grateful for that.

Phoebe is pondering warmer temperatures.

I think she thinks she needs a bath.

She can take care of that herself. I fear the claws. I have some deep scratches from her from weeks ago that haven’t healed yet.

Poseidon knows what’s up. I don’t know what’s up, but he does.

And he’s still trying to convince you he’s cute and adorable and innocent.

Don’t believe it for a second.

Feb 21

Someone’s alarm went off at 5:30 — and then I was awake

I think this morning marked the fourth time we’ve shoveled the driveway in the last week or so. It’s a small driveway, thankfully, and this was a light snow. Probably it didn’t even need to be done, but it’s become rote. Get up, examine the pavement, and then eat something, maybe. While our little stretch of paved paradise took an hour and change on Tuesday after the biggest snow, it went quickly today.

Mostly I wanted to do a better job of digging out the nearby fire hydrant. One of my former students did a story on this at his station in Ohio this week and I was somewhat guilted into it. So slush slush and heave ho and, oh, look, the city guy that plows the walking path behind us but not the street in front of us came through and poured his best effort into the road.

Because what you want … nah, what I want … is for you to drive down an untreated road and then hit a snow bank you can’t see right in front of my yard and the electrical boxes and the gas line.

I don’t know anything about plowing roads, and I wonder who around here actually does.

So I got that off the road, just being neighborly and all. And then, since I had fully warmed up my core, I decided to go on a little bike ride.

This is the volcano route on Zwift’s fictional world. Some of the environments they offer are trying to be realistic. Some have a bit of a futuristic feel and this one is pure fantasy. My avatar is riding through a volcano there. You go in the volcano twice on the way up and twice again after you ride to the top of the active volcano.

I’m breathing a bit on the bike in the house, which does not smell of sulfur, could you imagine that in real life?

Anyway, I left my bike in one of the harder gears and just dragged myself all the way to the top of this little climb. It’s a good weekday sort of thing. It doesn’t take even a slow person like me forever, and you can still move around a bit when you’re done. I had an hour this morning, and this is what I did.

Zwift charts the King of the Mountain, which is the fastest person up the route. And the current leader is a name I recognize. Dylan Teuns is much faster than I am. He’s younger, stronger, a climber, more fit and also, and this part is incredibly important, an insanely talented professional cyclist. But today I got to the top of the climb in just under twice the amount of time it took him to do it. So I’m putting him on notice.

I can tell by the number of replies he’s not sent that I’m absolutely in his head.

Anyway, that was my second time up the volcano route, and I shaved a little over a minute off my previous time. So I guess there’s something to that snow shovel warm up.

This evening it was back to the studio. We shot the talk show first, new semester, new soccer season, new host.

And Jevan was on the desk to kick off the semester. Were there gifs? There were gifs.

Thursday nights run into Friday quickly into Fridays. Dinner, dishes, and, now, bedtime. We’ll be back in the studio again tomorrow morning. I’m tired already. Can’t imagine why.