Nov 17

Sometimes the best camera is the one you don’t have

These photos are just a reminder to me to carry and use my real camera more.

Oh sure, my phone is a fantastic piece of technology. It does many interesting and useful and cool things. Plus it is a phone! And has games! But if I had been carrying my DSLR when I left the building for a chilly lunchtime hour I wouldn’t have had to fake the depth of field here:

And I could have taken a proper macro. And the picture, despite my having to pull out the media card and plug it into a reader and plug that into the computer, would look better.

Excuse me. I got distracted. You see, being the first of the month, that means I had to create a new subdirectory on the site for these photos. And that reminded me that I needed to do the monthly cleaning of the desktop of my laptop. And that takes some time. There’s the unstacking, the reminiscing, the categorizing, filing and trashing. It takes a while.

What? You don’t clean your desktop regularly? Or are you saying monthly is too long to go in-between?

Yes, I always clean mine at the beginning of the month. And then, a few days from now, I’ll do the routine, monthly backing up of my phone. Unless I forget again, for something like the fourth time in a row.

I recently discovered the Chris Gethard show. And I was so glad to see Tig Notaro, who is absolutely brilliant, appear on this episode:

Here’s a cool backgrounder on that show:

And from there you can go down the rabbit hole at your leisure. But before you do … I was sitting on the sofa this evening, having one of those moments where the feeling is just right. This was that moment that you want to hang on to because the memory is the kind you’d like to retrieve from time to time, when you need to remember that you can find contentment in nothing.

The Yankee was doing something in the kitchen and listening to Pandora and Jay Farrar was singing and it reminded me of May 1, 1998.

I had to look it up, that was May 1, 1998. Tonight’s moment was a moment populated by the memory of one sentence, said as an aside, into a microphone 19-and-a-half years ago, to the day.

Oct 17

Happy Halloween

I was outside from the car to the building this morning, obviously. And I walked back outside from the building to the car at about 8:30 tonight. And in between I think I only even looked out one window, at one point, late in the afternoon. This is the little slice you see if you’re standing in our television studio:

It is a fancy space. You’re looking east there, so you have a great opportunity at about 9:30 to see some nice early sunlight and then at about 5:20, this time of year, you get this view in the evening. But that was the only view I had today. It was a fairly hectic day.

And I didn’t even see any kids begging for candy. Our neighborhood pretty much shuts down at 8 p.m., it seems. I saw one little clutch as I drove back into the top of the neighborhood, their bags bulging, their makeup running and their blood sugars already soaring, I think they were calling it a night.

So these were the costumes I saw today:

Another crew did our humble little news show this evening, as well:

So Halloween is over. I’m hiding the kids’ candy, you say. Bring on November, you say.

Give me April, I say.

Oct 17

The winter squash whodunit

One of our students was carrying around a pumpkin today. I think it was a home economics exercise. He’s toting around a child cucurbita, or a grandbaby gourd.

(I suppose it could be for Halloween.)

Anyway, he left the pumpkin at the television studio this morning. I could have offered to take good care of the squash plant, but it seemed more fun to hold it for ransom. Pay up, or get him back in (pumpkin pie) slices. Give me what I want or the jack-o-lantern-to-be doesn’t get an ear. Call the veggie cops, and he gets crooked eyes.

I couldn’t even work through all of these puns — and they get even worse pretty quickly — before the student swooped in and picked him up. The cultivar custody caper was resolved.

Some shows the students produced last night. A sports desk show:

And a talk show that they’ll put on the air on Sunday night:

But let’s not get that far ahead of ourselves. There’s still a whole weekend to enjoy.

Oct 17

Our domestic hierarchy of cold temperatures

We keep three blankets in the living room. Since there are two of us, two of them, the shaggy brown one and the shaggy white one, get used. Used to be that the cat wouldn’t touch them. We’d cover up, and she’d walk or stretch out on whatever parts of you that weren’t covered up. When it got cold last winter she found it in her heart to tolerate the brown blanket. And now she lays on it frequently. But she wouldn’t tolerate the white one in any way. And I think she came to ultimately like the brown blanket a bit.

As this winter draws near, I think she’s rethinking the white blanket:

But when it is cold, you get under any blanket you can and watch YouTube videos. Here are some now. These are shows my students shot tonight, the talk show:

And the news:

Oct 17

And how was your weekend?

We went to a soccer game on Saturday night. It was the last game of the regular season for the Hoosiers, who are looking to make a postseason run to their ninth national championship. And on this last night Indiana and the Spartans played shutout soccer for 90 minutes.

And then they played 10 minutes of a tense overtime.

And then they played nine more minutes of a second overtime. In the final moment, IU looked to capitalize on another set piece with the freshman Mason Toye lined up a direct kick:

I knew he was going to put the game-winner in and run right to my camera. It’s a skill.

We went for a run on Saturday, this was The Yankee’s first run since her Ironman. (She’s ahead of a mere mortal’s schedule.) It was short, but it was fast. She’s passing me and blurry!

So I mentioned fall is here. Just in case it disappears in 15 mintues, here are a few photographs:

You can never really capture autumn:

It never keeps us from trying. It’s a vain attempt to forestall winter, a desperate ego, that wants more sunshine and warmth.

Or is that just me?

Today, it was raining, and this evening was a perfect time for a 2.65 mile neighborhood run.‬ I’m documenting this because it won’t be long, now, before I’ll be missing days like this: