Sep 17

Here are a few things for you to check out today

Is your NFL quarterback bad? You’re not alone. Here’s a sports show that the students produced late last weekend and aired yesterday:

If you’re not ready to get back to work, but would rather spend this time thinking of your entertainment diversions, perhaps you’ll enjoy this read. How AI will disrupt sports entertainment networks:

Whether you’re training to run a marathon or gearing up for a marathon of binge-watching TV, both athletes and casual sports fans can benefit from advances in sports video. Due to its widespread appeal, high demand, and abundance of related data, sports video is a prime candidate for innovation. Cognitive technology is teed up to enhance the viewer experience and maximize advertising revenue. What’s more, AI technology can disrupt the game itself. Here are the three main players in sports broadcasting that stand to gain the most from cognitive advancements in video technology …

Read that and realize, the future of spectator sports is going to offer you something different, for sure.

I love stories like that, the ones that tell us about the future. I especially like the ones that tell us about the future we’re enjoying right now. You see those a lot in medicine, of course. And we think, Wow, that’s some impressive development or maybe This is going to be so important for my neighbor who is dealing with this. We seldom ever think about the real people on the other side of the equation.

Here’s a professor who was an important part of the BRCA1 cancer testing series. She has a tale to tell. We’ll pick up The Week My Husband Left And My House Was Burgled I Secured A Grant To Begin The Project That Became BRCA1
where she is taking her mother back to the airport, near the end of what is surely the worst week ever:

When we finally arrived, my mom’s flight was about to leave in 15 minutes, Emily’s and my flight was going to leave in 45 minutes, and in front of the counter to pick up tickets was a long, long line. And, of course, we had our suitcases. My mom was carrying hers, and she was already fairly frail.

So Emily and my mother and I were standing in the line, and I said, “Mom, can you make it down to your plane on your own?” Bear in mind, there were no checkpoints in those days, but there were, of course, very long corridors.

She said, “No.”

So I said to Emily, “I’m going to need to go with Grandmom down to her plane.”

And my mother shrieked, “You can’t leave that child here alone!” (Fair enough.)

Suddenly this unmistakable voice above and behind me said, “Emily and I will be fine.”

And you’re going to need to read the whole thing and the part I’ve left you is a terrific tease.

It is a great read. You’re going to want to read it.

Sep 17

There’s a video for you

About that Allie photo … she loves boxes now. There are four of them strewn about the house. Her boxes are all of various sizes. Mostly from Amazon. There’s a new Zappos box she is a bit skeptical about, but give it time. The one she’s curled into for today’s Catember photo is her favorite. It is just the right size and … well … who can tell why things make sense to The Black Cat?

Just as interesting, to me, is the idea behind how those boxes came to be her boxes. Quite a few of them come and go through the house, as is the case in so many places these days. Some go into the recycling pile. Some become her playthings. Her favorite box, I’m told, held a dress inside. Maybe she likes it best because of the size. Who can say, really?

Probably because she’s trained us to play with her when she goes to sit in that box.

The hoomans finally get it; don’t change it up.

Sounds pretty plausible for a cat, I’d imagine. Also, I like to think she uses semicolons in her internal monologue, what about it?

Anyway, another evening in the studio. The students are starting to hit their stride. It’s a nice treat to see such big strides early in the year. It bodes well for the shows to come.

Here’s tonight’s show, where the theme is sports:

Sep 17

Anyone want to go bowling?

I visited the surplus store this evening. The surplus store is where all of the furniture and old equipment and supplies from the nine Indiana University campuses come to find a new life. If you need binders or filing cabinets or random chairs or old classroom desks or Adidas gear you’ll come away happy every time. It is worth a periodic visit for other things, too, under the You Never Know principle.

Lately, though, most of the stuff I’ve seen worth admiring has been in some mysterious “Not for sale” section behind staff only rope lines.

Tonight, though, I found these:

They must have been on display in some larger athletic department area. The images are pixellated up close, but you’d be impressed by all of the old logos from middle-of-the-road bowl games of postseasons past.

A television show the students produced last night:

And here’s another one:

And there will be two more tomorrow night.

Sep 17

Let’s get into this weekend!

This morning’s ride powered by four hours of sleep and nineties tunes. It was air-cooled by 53° temps and accompanied by this guy:

And this morning we were in the studio shooting a morning show. Well, the students were in the studio. I sat in the back of the control room watching them through a monitor:

And here’s a show from last night, when we were so much younger:

And possibly more awake.

Aug 17

Today’s notes

I don’t mean to pile on to anyone’s circumstance. If you aren’t there and you don’t know, then it is about the farthest thing from walking a mile in someone else’s shoes as possible. So I don’t want to speculate, because there was, perhaps, a legitimate concern or distraction of some sort at play here. And not knowing the story, I’d just be making one up and doing a disservice, perhaps even an injustice, to another person. I want to be mindful of that.

Besides, I’m hard pressed to imagine the sequence of events that would lead to me forgetting my belt in a public restroom:

Preying Mantis

But I hope it makes it back to its rightful owner eventually.

Last Thursday, before we produced our first live television broadcast of the school year, I gave four guys a crash course in podcast production. And then, on Friday morning I gave them a glimpse into audio editing. And now they have a show. Here is their first episode:

Not bad for a bunch of print students, I think. It’s all there, if they but seize the initiative. It is so cool when they seize the initiative.

Meanwhile, in Houston:

That is a friendly neighborhood Spiderman, indeed.