Mar 19

Wearing the foxes

Today’s cufflinks and tie combination.

We’re very formal.

Here are some television shows some of our students have put together the last few days. First, a late night show, and then a morning show. You’re covered no matter what time of day you’re reading this.

Mar 19

One foot in front of the other

And now, a few pictures from yesterday’s run. It was just a quick half-hour three-miler.

I got tasked with running ahead, catching my breath and setting up an action shot:

It took several tries, and that one was as good as it got. (I blame the catching-my-breath part.) If you look just closely, The Yankee has both feet off the ground in that one, a proper running stride.

We posed:

And we took one of our alternate poses:

Mar 19

The big turn is coming

On the way back in from lunch I ran into our friendly neighborhood squirrel. Call it a signal of the season.

I’m sure this one has a name. The students have named them all. There’s some sort of casual and non-scientific tracking observation going on, and you occasionally see updates on social media. They’re so acclimatized to humans that this one kept moving too close and running the video I was trying to shoot. (And when do you say that about wildlife?) I wanted to make a gif. Alas.

This is my favorite part of football in the spring, and just about my favorite part of football:

Oh, Aunt Becky:

Tomorrow it’s going to be in the sixties. Spring has arrived. (That’s the biggest joke in this post.)

Mar 19

Which way was that again?

It’s a good thing they put that sign on the end cap, otherwise I might not have realized this was where Hobby Lobby keeps the arrows.

But what if this confuses people? The arrows are all kind of pointing in the same direction. A customer could reasonably infer that the arrows are on the back wall of the store. Shouldn’t the arrows all be pointing to the arrow sign? Or each other?

Or was there a larger stash in the back? A better stash? More colorful and will more textures and features?

We could make jokes about this, and arrow jokes are trending up these days, of course, but it is possible, but I didn’t walk through every aisle.

Today’s personalized cufflinks:

Two more I made. If I find enough playful buttons to convert into cufflinks I might find one for every shirt in the closet. The shirts are tucked in next to the arrows.

Student television!

Here’s some sports talk:


Pop culture:

Feb 19

That time of night you get the tiniest bit introspective

I’ve had jobs where I got off work to go to another job. I’ve had roles where quitting time was at 3 p.m. At one place I’d done a full day’s work by noon. You can do the math on that. In another I had nights where I was still in the newsroom until 3 or even 4 a.m. In that case the tweet, above, might not have always be applicable after an 18-hour day. But you get the idea.

These days, I spend a few nights a week in the studio with students until they wrap up at 8. Every so often, like tonight, an unlucky soul will stick around and we’ll talk and, if they aren’t careful, they have to listen to me drone on and on. Tonight we chatted about the future and potential plans and goals. Hearing a student or two sharing those out loud, and trying to offer a little framework or encouragement around the ideas, is probably the best work of the day.

Also, we met this nice lady:

Please forgive the sound. I was just recording the interview off of a preview monitor in the control room while the actual conversation took place in the studio. Our reporter, and all-around ace-in-the-hole, Meredith Struewing got the newly crowned Miss Indiana University in for an early interview. She’s a theater major, Julia Klinestiver, and is apparently new to this whole pageant thing. She’s a sharp one, as you can tell, but she doesn’t take it too seriously:

It was neat to hear her talk about her project going into schools with Billy the Bard, and Meredith is going to be following her progress. We all sat and talked about that long after the studio lights had been turned off. It’s corny, but I’m listening to the two of them talk about the short term and it was enough to make you feel optimistic about the long term. They, and so many of their peers, have got such bright futures ahead of them, and that’ll benefit us all.

Those crowns, by the way, are apparently heavier than you’d think.

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