Sep 17

Words to live by

My television station students held an organizational meeting tonight. This was the news division:

There was simultaneously a production meeting going on elsewhere. There will be a sports meeting and then a creative pitch meeting come up soon, too. For a small organization it sometimes seems rather big. Their first shows head into the studio next week, by the way.

Tonight, though, there were meetings after a full day. And then I really wanted a hamburger. I really wanted a hamburger. So I tried the new Red Robin. (Yummm.)

The burger was fine. The french fries were few. But it was late into their night and I am sure the kitchen was ready to close. Around the corner from my table, though, was a cool sign:

When in doubt, make a joke about the salad, and then order something else.

Aug 17

What do you think he’s thinking?

Saw this guy on the way back from lunch today. It was cloudy when we set out, started raining before we got back inside and then waited it out before going back to the office. So the timing was just right and the preying mantis was probably wondering where all that water came from and why it suddenly stopped when we happened by.

Preying Mantis

And what’s the story with these creatures holding these rectangular things so close to my face? Don’t they know I could eat them?

Isn’t it interesting, that when you anthropomorphize a creature you give it some rational thought processes, create the cute barrier between them and us by a valley of not understanding some aspect of our lives like cameras, but then give them the power of understanding human constructs, like shapes?

It’s like a two block walk back to our building. I have time to think a few things through, is what I’m saying.

Hey, here’s a book, let’s look in it!

Reader's Digest

I have a stack of my grandfather’s books. Text books, technical manuals, encyclopedias and old magazines. A little at a time I am adding some of the cooler things to the site. You can see the first few things I found in this 1960 Reader’s Digest here. You can see the entire collection right here.

Aug 17

And now, three turtles

With yesterday’s eclipse giving us so much material for the site I was able to save some of my weekend photos. Here are a few of them now.

On my Saturday morning jog I saw The Yankee’s turtle buddy. There’s a little pond near us and about 50 or so yards away there’s a nice, shade-covered creek. And so this guy is on the move a lot. This is the fourth time we’ve seen him, or his identical cousins, in the last few months:


He’d just made it across the little walking path and was about to crawl into the scrub grass and then the trees and go down the embankment to the creek. Meanwhile, not too much farther away on the same path I ran into this much more intense reptilian specimen.


He was pretty aggressive for a ponderously moving turtle.

So that was part of my weekend. Today, I got to hang out in the studio for a bit.


We have a big, big production coming up on Thursday, so there’s a lot to do. Part of it involves figuring out our camera shots, which is what we were doing today. The To Do list will only grow longer, I’m sure, until the show is done.

Aug 17

I’d rather be outside today

Classes start back next week. So we’re doing work. But you’d rather be looking at this:

There are things to build and lessons to plan and barcodes to barcode and just a lot of stuff to do, basically. It’ll all get done, but it would be more fun to be under a tree:

Those are Nebraskan trees, from our trip last weekend. As we dig ourselves out of these next few work days, I have a few more things from Omaha to put up. Until then, make sure to follow along on Twitter and Instagram.

Aug 17

Operation Splinter

Best part of my day:

I also wrapped up the first stage of The Project. It needs a better name, but I’m not yet ready to name it, or even discuss it at length. What if it doesn’t work? What if I have to scrap the entire thing? What if it is just terrible? Do I really want to talk publicly about my time machine without knowing how it turns out?

I’ve said too much.

Anyway. The first stage is done. I suppose the true first step was material acquisition. This took place on Friday and Saturday. And then the first stage took place on Saturday and Sunday, and was more taxing than I’d imagined, even as I knew it would be time consuming. By Monday, though, I’d figured out how to to make the process move more quickly, and it did. Only to be slowed down, yesterday, by an equipment failure brought on by user error. So I fixed that issue today and completed the first stage.

Then I performed Operation Clean Up. The first stage took up a half of the garage, and so that ultimately led to reorganizing much of the shelf space in the garage and in bits and pieces these last few days and so even if the time machine it doesn’t work, the effort has been fruitful.

The first part of the second stage of The Project will likely take place the weekend after next. I anticipate there being three parts to the second stage, followed by a quick third stage and then tedious efforts to complete the fourth and fifth stages. When those are done, I will ready to unveil the project.

Of course I plan on documenting the entire effort. But not the garage cleaning part. No need to make you jealous. I’ve already showed you a video from Allie earlier tonight, after all. Do be sure you watch that. And then maybe watch it again. I could use the hits.

Also, stop by and say hello on Twitter and Instagram, too.