Jun 19

Still riding slowly

It was a 26-mile-after-work kind of ride. I spent the best part of it chasing The Yankee pretty much the whole time.

I chase her more than a little lately these days, and so it was your standard issue fun spin around part of town.

It was a nice ride. Good warm air, a lot of UV, only about 14 different air quality concerns. I was able to accelerate up a hill. The rest of everything else was slow, maybe, but it felt nice. I should have stayed on the bike for longer. Maybe that’s what the slowness is about.

Jun 19

Not pictured, because she was way up the road: My wife

Sixty or so miles over the last few days has, thus far, been high volume for me this year.

On the last two rides there have been 10 timed segments. All of them were well off my pace. But that could be the theme of the year. Well off my pace. Maybe the next ride should be a recovery ride.

Jun 19

Putting in a few more miles

I went over this particular route a few weeks ago, but I’m getting smarter …

I turned around before the really hard part!

That let me throw down the fastest time of the year on the last stretch of road before the end of the ride. Still four seconds off last year’s fastest time ever on the same segment. That was in July of last year, so I have a few weeks to improve that particular challenge on a seasonal basis. If I can’t, the only possible conclusion would be that I’m getting slower.

(I already know this to be true.)

May 19

And, now, a moment of introspection

May 19

Happy Memorial Day

Below there’s a bit of a video from the end of a Saturday morning ride. I got in a good 34-miles before the day really warmed up.

I forgot to shoot video on the good part of this morning’s ride, the part with snappy pace and wide-open views, so you’re treated to the back-in-the-burbs “I’m ready to stop moving” part of the effort.

I spent the rest of Saturday just sitting in the recliner reading. It was great. This will make you think: nothing is probably ever as new as we think it is. This was a part of the state of things turning into the 20th century.

That’s from my office desk book. (As opposed to my bedstand book, my Kindle books, my car book or my office desk books, or the entire, and stuffed full, bookcase of Books-To-Read.) This is the one I read sections of when I need to take a break to read something in short installments. It’s a good book. Check it out.