Jan 21

Bernie Sanders memes

I could not resist. Here are a few I threw together this week.

The senator is the new head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles:

They are re-making Willy Wonka for unknown reasons. I’ve long thought that Sanders is an incredibly personable guy. He’d be delightfully weird as the confection king:

President Biden has a Peloton, and there’s a security concern since it connects to the Internet. But I’m sure Sanders would let Biden borrow his bike:

Washington Football Team, as a name, has grown on me. And I still think my rotating cast of Washing Heroes is the marketing move of the century, but if they want to go another direction, there’s always the Washington Politicians:

The mittens were foretold in Wayne’s World:

And this is a local one:

The senator has been in that building. Two years ago he was in Bloomington stumping for a congressional candidate and they used one of our classrooms has a holding room for the Vermonter until it was time for his speech. He’s posing there with Ernie Pyle, the patron saint of IU’s journalism program. Pyle’s desk and some of his personal effects are on display in the building as well.

Jan 21

Heading into a snowy weekend

The snow arrived during our afternoon walk. I’d spent the day watching demo reels and trying to offer feedback to students — I’m averaging just over 900 words per review this week. So it was a nice break to take a walk. We ran into a colleague who is a public relations professor. She gave us air hugs, which was cute.

A bit later on our walk the first flurries ran into us. They gave us a stinging face sensation, which was less cute.

Late into the evening it tried and tried and, eventually, the snow began to gain some traction. The ground was cooling, the snow kept falling and so now we have a wet version of snow. Fortunately, we didn’t have to go any farther than the yard today. But, for the first time this season, I found myself saying “If the weather and roads aren’t nasty tomorrow.”

Just before I said that we were discussing Covid vaccinations, because it’s nice to have a new thing to discuss. There’s an economist here who’s been modeling the efficacy of all things Covid, and it seems the state administered almost 25,000 doses yesterday, and about 80 percent of those were first doses. The economist figures that if the state can get up to 26,000 doses per day and hold that rate you’ll see 70 percent of Indiana vaccinated by early July.

This, of course, assumes things about supply. And about distribution. And human error. And whether some of those humans will even want the thing that might keep them from getting sick or saving the lives of others.

It seems a fool’s errand to try to understand which states are doing vaccine distribution better than others, for all of those reasons, but mostly because this has been utterly left to the states. But it’s hard, today, to not feel like we’re finally, finally in that motion that leans the body forward in a vigorous walk.

Our employer is looking to become another distribution point. That’d make three in the county. And it would make it even easier for them to mandate vaccination for everyone returning to campus past some certain point. I have no knowledge of the dates that we’re looking at there, but it seems logical. They required flu shots starting December 1st after all. And if you you vaccinate everyone on campus — students and professionals — then it will be interesting to see what will return to “normal,” and how. There’s an expectation that we’ll be there, or trending there by the fall.

Fall. Hard to fathom. And the battle isn’t even over. Far from it, in fact.

But we’re in that first lean. Some of our family members are scheduled for their first dose next week. Oh, happy day. And, in another state, another important person will be eligible to get scheduled next week. These are all great feelings.

So now it’s time to build some momentum, and to redouble our efforts of being safety conscious.

So we’re staying home, and watching the snow. Some of our shrubs are putting on a nice little show this evening.

And you? Are you staying safe? And looking forward to a big, relaxing, productive, busy weekend?

Jan 21

A mediation on …

There was a peculiar color in the air — is a phrase that has never been crawled across the web by Google’s spiders. It’s also wrong, in the sense of how we use language, which is why it’s never been written, one supposes. But it is particularly accurate in how we use science.

Color is, you might recall, the range of wavelengths based on how matter behaves in light, each substance’s combination of atoms and electron configuration send signals to the inner bits of the eye. Those signals work their way back to the command center for processing. Rods and cones, brain interpretation. And the brain says “There was a peculiar color in the air.”

So, really, it should be, my eyes and brain were detecting odd things brought on my the angle of the sun and various atmospheric considerations.

What I’m saying is that this usually green shrub held an unusual yellowish hue. So, yeah. There was a peculiar color in the air.

And it just hung there, for much of the day, or at least as long as I stood at the window looking at things, nodding ponderously, re-considering, not for the first time, how light works.

Photons, bouncing off things. What a concept! Once you can wrap your mind around that, the sky — with it’s shorter, smaller wavelengths — is the limit.

I changed the photos on the front page of the site to more generally reflect the season. Three of the photos in the set, including the one below, are from this year.

So click on over to the front page to check out the new look. And check back often, those do get updated.

And have a great weekend! Check back on Monday, when we’ll look in on the cats, and see if we can’t make up something interesting that did or didn’t happen over the weekend.

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Jan 21

Happy New Year

This is already off to a great start, don’t you think? It just feels brighter. Happier. New. It did after midnight, anyway. How long does that last, in reality? Sure, the get outta here 2020 thing is a good joke and a fervent plea, but no one is operating with the false ideal that things will be different when they get back to work next week. (Sigh.) But perception is reality and, for at least a few real minutes, the calendar is the perception. Maybe it sticks. Maybe it sticks for you.

(Those are Fourth of July fireworks from two years ago, because it fit the theme, right? But we’re done with that now. And we’re going to do things for real and right, right? Right.)

Slept in, because, you know, had to see the world’s most awkward made-for-television television event. Cat woke me up. He did not have “being considerate” as a new year’s resolution because, of course our cats understand calendars and the concepts of fresh starts and the turning over of a new leaf. They understand these things, but it got ignored this morning, and so I’m resolved to do something about that cat.

And then I fell back asleep. These things together just through the whole day out of whack. No matter. It’s an easy and light day. Went for a nice walk. Watched some football. Got ready for this:

Oh, dinner was so good. We frozen the extra ribs from Christmas and had them tonight as a candlelight dinner.

A candlelight dinner for New Year’s. We sat, and talked, and it was delightful. We resolved to have more candlelight dinners. They can’t all be like this though.

And later, the compression boots. Feet, calves, knees and quads. It’s a four-point system of delightful and intense pain.

So, yeah, already off to a great start.

Happy New Year, to you and yours. Be smart, be safe.

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Dec 20

Merry Christmas