Oct 17

The break that isn’t

Last night, this:

Today, was fall break. There were just a few people in the building, but I was there. I was there.

Late in the day more people came into the building. While many of the students have vanished, a lot of alumni have rolled into town.

There are big events in the Media School this weekend. We’re celebrating the 150th anniversary of the campus newspaper and hosting the distinguished alumni awards ceremony, as well. So I’ll be there for those as well.

Sep 17

We are on so many airwaves

It was one of those days where I was in the studio constantly. First, we did the morning show. Here’s my pal Avery offering up a new segment:

You can see the show here:

After that we had a special interview in the studio. On the right that’s Claudia Nina, the Brazilian literary critic, journalist and author.

The chair of the Portuguese and Spanish program is interviewing her. Someday soon they’ll share the interview, which was quite intriguing.

And here’s one of the two shows students shot last night:

I spend a lot of time in that studio.

Sep 17

Happens all the time

I like the way the sun comes into our television studio. I only spend one morning a week in there, but when the clouds don’t interfere you can get some real fun light tricks. But you have to shoot in sequence or the light doesn’t make sense. The onward march of time and all of that. If, that, is, you understand how the building is oriented to the passing sun. But who cares, look at that backlight!

That particular shot is in a corner of the studio. We have four chairs around the corner, so in two seats you can get the nice angelic backlighting effect. And in the other two you get a nice wall treatment. You can see it all here. This is the morning show they shot today:

And we are on the road once more. We’re taking an overnight trip down to Louisville. So we’ll have some barbecue, see a few people, do a few things and then be back it even sets in that we’ve gone somewhere. It takes no time, and it takes a lot of time. And after that, time really flies.

Happens all the time.

Sep 17

Things I saw today

We skipped town after work today. In the parking deck we found a Karmann Gia sitting nearby:

I believe this may be a 1971 model. For a time during its 1955-1974 production run this car was imported into the U.S. more than any other.

Just a nearly perfect car design.

It doesn’t have much on the Toyota Camry though, am I right? I mean here we see the side view mirror and the sun, which is closer than it appears:

That’s something to think about over the weekend, huh?

Saw this at the barbecue joint we ate at tonight:

I wanna be big.

Sep 17

Let’s get into this weekend!

This morning’s ride powered by four hours of sleep and nineties tunes. It was air-cooled by 53° temps and accompanied by this guy:

And this morning we were in the studio shooting a morning show. Well, the students were in the studio. I sat in the back of the control room watching them through a monitor:

And here’s a show from last night, when we were so much younger:

And possibly more awake.