Jun 19

I know The Answer

I had lunch with a former student today. Alex “The Answer” Eady graduated a year ago and has been doing news on WTIU here locally since then. We’ve been able to get together a few times over that period with her busy schedule. Today, though, was a sad meeting, because she’s skipping town.

I’ve watched her work for three years now, and now I’ll have to see it from afar. Her next stop is Virginia, and big things are in store for her. She’s got all the talent, charm, work ethic and know how one needs to be the next big thing. Her time is coming and she’s going to take advantage of it in a big way.

I’ll just miss the lunches.

But there’s always social media. And with her move, I’ll have former students, and now friends, working in 18 markets across 13 states.

Jun 19

Catching up with another friend and former student

‪I don’t know what you did with your Saturday afternoon, but I spent part of mine catching up with the great Lauren Becker. It’s like Old Home Week around here right now, which is great. It’s such a treat when nice people come back to visit.

‪The IUSTV news director emeritus is currently covering South Bend and Michiana for WSBT. She was nice enough to spend part of her afternoon telling me all about how our program is helping set up tomorrow’s reporters, and realizing how so much of my advice is, in fact, brilliant. I should have rolled tape on that part, just to share with future students.

She told me about a few of the stories she’s working on, the experiences she’s had in her first year on the job and all she’s learned.

I’m going to have to get her back down here when the students are on campus and let her tell the TV folks what they’ve got ahead of them. And especially that part about how my advice is pretty useful.

May 19

The time has come to wrap up the school year

They produced 158 episodes of scripted TV ranging from news to sports to entertainment. They covered a weekend-long program covering the huge dance marathon fundraiser. A freshman won a statewide anchor award. The morning show won a statewide award for best show. Two of our underclassmen were nominated for big SPJ awards. The sports crew swept the SPJ Indy sports reporting category. We had three directors nominated for awards at a film festival, and another student won a film festival prize for best supporting performance.

It was a good year.

Apr 19

It’s lovely to see them bloom

Something got snuck into the last sign off of the year. The outgoing sports director, Auston Matricardi, on the left, caught it just in time to not read it.

This was such a fun group, all year long, and the graduating seniors will be missed. Next year’s group will have a lot of possibilities and a big reputation to fill in the award-winning IUSTV sports department. Their last shows of the year will be online tomorrow.

Here’s this week’s news shows. This first one features the rising news director and a graduating senior:

And this one has the final sign off of the outgoing news director. She’ll graduate next week and will be on the air in Illinois almost immediately.

And with the year wrapping up, I brag to everyone who will listen. For example, the sports guys swept an entire statewide sports reporting contest. Some other factoids …

And they do it around classes and work schedules and everything else. They do it because they believe us when we tell them that it will be helpful to them. And indeed, it is. You should see where these folks go in their internships and their first jobs. It’s a remarkable thing, how student media helps set up young media types. It’s lovely to see them bloom.

UPDATE: Here are the last sports shows of the year. First is the full show from the featured clip above. In the second video, the new talk show host takes the reins of The Toss Up.

Apr 19

When news breaks, they’ll fix it

The queen is dead, or just graduating and moving up to WFIR in Rockford, Illinois.

Long live the queen!

The end of tonight’s production means we’re down to the final shoot of the school year. Sports will have the honor on Thursday evening. Tonight, the IUSTV crew produced two news shows, with the new news director stepping into her role. We said goodbye to handful of seniors and this whole process is repeated about eight times over the last two weeks of studio shoots. Anyway, those news shows will be online tomorrow. New today is the late night show. You can watch it here:

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