Mar 17

I was not awake at 5 a.m.

A good singalong makes one happy:

Too-high, too-wide photo still to come.

I found this today:

Two young men hit by a train in 1917, both lived. And then I found this and this. One lived to 80 and had three kids. The other lived to 85 and had four children. And this quick look online tells me that a man who died at 85 in 1983, in my lifetime, knew his grandfather, who fought at Kennesaw and Nashville and against Hood in Georgia and Alabama. That man, in my lifetime, could probably recall his grandfather who fought in the Civil War on land I know fairly well.

So it is a small world, I guess. Though anything is possible if you start a story with “So this guy found himself crawling out from under an actual trainwreck.”

Today, Indiana fired their basketball coach. Just as the tournament begin, his tenure ended. He’d gone to the Sweet Sixteen last year, indeed, three of the last six years he’d been there, and he won the conference championship twice. But they decided to go a different way, so there was an announcement, and a press conference. And, despite this also being Spring Break, the student media was there:

Dedication, hustle and showing up will get you places in that business. So it is great to see students from both the television station and the newspaper reporting it at full speed. Good for them.

Mar 17

Still looking for today’s first clever thing

Oh, look! More spring!

Snow is in next week’s forecast.

Today I worked my way through a third edit of this big document I’ve been working on this week. It describes the entire building, and part of another, and it is going to come in around six or seven pages. Also, I started writing my next paper, which will describe in just the tiniest bit of detail, one of the rooms in that building. (Clearly I’m tapped out for the evening.) That paper is currently at four pages. I hope will finish at six before I pare it down to five.

This reminds me of listening to friends in college complain about these huge four and five page papers they had to write by Monday. They had to go get to work on it, they’d say, on a Thursday night. And we journalism majors would laugh. We’d crank that out Sunday night or Monday morning.

Turned out, as you learned to write concisely, you also found that writing long was not a problem. But, then, writing long has never been a challenge for me.

Next week is Spring Break. And, as you might recall, Spring Break begins for many people early. So while the break begins next Monday, a bunch of people have already split or at the very least have that look in their eyes. Now, tonight, the basketball team is playing in a conference tournament game and Spring Break officially begins in hours. I still had a full sports crew in the studio tonight. They did a practice session.

A full crew to do a practice sports show while a big sporting event was going on and warmer environments or home cooked meals on the horizon. That’s dedication.

Mar 17

You know you want to see my air guitar movie

Best thing I’ve done today:

Still writing and typing and copying and pasting and hacking away on my week-long project. Actually we’ve made good time on it, and this is because my co-authors have all written interesting and important information. Trimming that is sometimes a challenging thing — That part was important! And this over here was so well-written! — but that’s the task. We have been given a deadline for Friday and we’ll hit it. Deadlines are magical focus magnifiers. Plus I’m working with some sharp people on this.

Here are some more sharp people, they were getting ready to shoot a weekend sports talk show:

Big, bright futures ahead for all of those folks. Some talented young broadcasters are coming along right there.

And here is a show some of our students produced on Tuesday night:

Mar 17

Back to it, then

We spent all day yesterday traveling. And this was one my views:

So on the one hand, it is amazing that in just 12 hours of actual travel time got us back from California, by way of Atlanta, because Delta. On the other hand, it took 12 full hours of travel to get from the hotel to the house.

And then work today! The good news is the best part of my post-race soreness was yesterday. By the end of the day today I was actually trotting downstairs. And any runner will tell you it is going downstairs that hurts. Which suggests, to me at least, that maybe I didn’t run as hard as I could have on Sunday. But who cares? Marathon, done! A few days of resting up are before me now, and then hopefully by next weekend I’ll be ready to start anew!

The other downside to traveling all day is that you eat like complete garbage. There’s just no getting around it. And while I am usually ready to eat right after a big exercise, I didn’t even have my usual appetite yesterday. But it came back today, and my choices were … less than ideal. But at least most of the snacks were healthy. And I am well and truly hydrated and aside from some achy feelings that you would expect after many consecutive hours of exercise I feel surprisingly good. Like, we should be outside running or riding right now, good.

That’s a weird feeling.

This week I am working on a big writing project in the office. But I came up for air to poke my head into one of the podcast booths:

These guys are working on a 14-channel digital Axia board than be configured for about a dozen different user preferences. It is a pretty remarkable setup. And there’s a turntable to the left of the board operator. I wonder if it has been used yet.

We did use the television studio tonight. At least one-and-a-half shows were produced in there this evening. Interesting sensation. I left town for two days and felt in the way of everything when I got back.

Anyway, this project I’m presently working on will probably eat much of the week. (Think of it this way, I’m writing, but I also talked podcasting with those three students above and then sat in on a few television projects this evening. I do enjoy the variation.) I am collaborating with a medium-sized group on a non-technical technical document. It started out at more than 45 pages. My goal is to get it below six. This has absorbed my day today and the entirety of my evening and night. And while I am occasionally a decent writer and from time-to-time an acceptable editor, I am not good enough at either to make the actual work behind them interesting. So it may be a bit slow around here for a few days.

We’ll always have pictures or some sort of other interesting thing going on here, so do stop back by throughout the week. Also, there’s of course the ever-present Twitter and the sometimes popular Instagram.

Mar 17

Another sign of spring!

Pretty soon I can stop counting, them, right? The signs of spring? It’ll just be spring. But, even still, even with that knowledge, you point in wonder:

And then you do the most sensible thing you can think of. You travel north:

And then west, because that’s better than going farther north in the winter. So we have arrived in California, by way of Minnesota. We flew from Minneapolis to Sacramento this evening. We passed over Reno and Carson City, I think. And we had the option of driving on into the night or staying at a hotel near the airport. We chose the latter. It was the wiser choice. We’ll go to Napa Valley tomorrow.

Tonight, a few things for you to watch, which some the IUS crews produced this week: