Oct 17

I worked this weekend

Some video from the events this weekend. There were several panels and mini-reunions held around the festivities and we put this one out for public viewing. I suppose you could say I produced this show:

And then we stuck one camera in the back of a big event room and shot some more of the festivities.

I even took a selfie:

So you can pretty much check all of the important things off the weekend To Do list.

Oct 17

The break that isn’t

Last night, this:

Today, was fall break. There were just a few people in the building, but I was there. I was there.

Late in the day more people came into the building. While many of the students have vanished, a lot of alumni have rolled into town.

There are big events in the Media School this weekend. We’re celebrating the 150th anniversary of the campus newspaper and hosting the distinguished alumni awards ceremony, as well. So I’ll be there for those as well.

Oct 17

It feels like The Newsroom around here

In the studio this evening with these two shows:

And then we reset the control room for a live shoot. On the multiview was student government, which was a signal we were taking from three floors above us and streaming online:

It involves a lot of buttons:

It was a long night, and a good practice run. We learned a lot, and we’ll soon be doing this on a regular basis.

Oct 17

And now some photos

We had a beautiful day on Saturday and so The Yankee and I spent the afternoon pedaling around the countryside.

Lately, I’m having to work to keep up with her. She’s fast! Still, I managed to get some nice lines in the composition, though.

We had a nice dinner that night, too:

Today, I walked off campus just in time to see the sun say goodnight:

I seldom manage to be in a place that gives a great western view this time of day, but this time of day, this time of year, gives off some nice light:

The gates were built in the 1980s. And it only took 80 years or so to get them built. Students had raised money for them at the turn of the century. But the board was going to do the same thing so the students’ money went to another project. The university put the gates on hold while nearby buildings got built. They wanted to match the plan to the aesthetic, you see. So a few generations go by, a few different plans for the gates come and go. And then in the 1960s there was a new move to build those gates. But there was also criticism; people deemed it a wasteful expenditure when the money could go to scholarships and financial aid. The gates were put on hold again. And then, in the 1980s, the man who ran financial aid for the university donated the money and had them named in honor of his parents. And now we have the Sample Gates.

Sep 17

We are on so many airwaves

It was one of those days where I was in the studio constantly. First, we did the morning show. Here’s my pal Avery offering up a new segment:

You can see the show here:

After that we had a special interview in the studio. On the right that’s Claudia Nina, the Brazilian literary critic, journalist and author.

The chair of the Portuguese and Spanish program is interviewing her. Someday soon they’ll share the interview, which was quite intriguing.

And here’s one of the two shows students shot last night:

I spend a lot of time in that studio.