Jun 19

For just ice

I’ve been working on this theory for about a decade.

This is the first time the Seagal Theory has failed.

Then again, why watch any of those better films when you could see …

Jun 19

Catching up with another friend and former student

‪I don’t know what you did with your Saturday afternoon, but I spent part of mine catching up with the great Lauren Becker. It’s like Old Home Week around here right now, which is great. It’s such a treat when nice people come back to visit.

‪The IUSTV news director emeritus is currently covering South Bend and Michiana for WSBT. She was nice enough to spend part of her afternoon telling me all about how our program is helping set up tomorrow’s reporters, and realizing how so much of my advice is, in fact, brilliant. I should have rolled tape on that part, just to share with future students.

She told me about a few of the stories she’s working on, the experiences she’s had in her first year on the job and all she’s learned.

I’m going to have to get her back down here when the students are on campus and let her tell the TV folks what they’ve got ahead of them. And especially that part about how my advice is pretty useful.

Apr 19

When news breaks, they’ll fix it

The queen is dead, or just graduating and moving up to WFIR in Rockford, Illinois.

Long live the queen!

The end of tonight’s production means we’re down to the final shoot of the school year. Sports will have the honor on Thursday evening. Tonight, the IUSTV crew produced two news shows, with the new news director stepping into her role. We said goodbye to handful of seniors and this whole process is repeated about eight times over the last two weeks of studio shoots. Anyway, those news shows will be online tomorrow. New today is the late night show. You can watch it here:

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Apr 19

Bring on the weekend!

The morning show got a little maudlin today, but they wrapped up in style.

Shows we shot last night:

And now we go into a spring-themed weekend. I’m going to sand wood, ride my bike and look at the flowers. How about you?

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Apr 19


A couple of boxes were waiting at the door this weekend. My mom sent me a few nice gifts, including these handsome turtle cufflinks. These will go with anything!

There were several other sets of cufflinks, and so now I have a very large collection that will require their own storage solution. Presently I’m using a few sections of one of my bathroom drawers to keep them organized. Yes, I have drawer sections, don’t you? Sometime back I cross sectioned balsa wood to keep all the contents from sliding around. I put in a bit of foam for cufflinks. I cut some slits into the foam so my cufflinks would all be neatly arranged in pairs.

What? This isn’t something you did one Saturday morning, too?

Anyway, I lately made some cufflinks out of buttons. My purchased cufflinks nicely filled one section of that draw. Then I made some more out of buttons I found. That became two sections of my bathroom drawer. This weekend my cufflinks grew by several more pairs. So I’m going to have to come up with another solution. Maybe a custom drawer or storage box.

And, most importantly, my wrists look snazzy.

Here’s some television to watch online. First, the Not Too Late crowd put a new co-host character on their show. He’s a bit nervous, and that worked pretty well. It is even funnier if you know the guy, who isn’t nervous about anything, really. They also had an extemporaneous student government campaign, which was quite amusing. This was a good episode:

The morning show got all civic-minded with a city council member:

And a throwback bit from the old pros:

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