Apr 19

Maybe it is really spring?

The weekend looked like this:

Well here. You sit inside and look at everyone else’s photographs and wonder how it could be beautiful in every other locale. Surely that’s not possible. Everywhere in the country?

Everywhere in the country. Except here, where the state color is gray. (The colors are actually blue and gold, like the flag. But that’s only because there was a run on charcoal gray dye when Paul Hadley designed the thing in 1917. Had to be.)

It was pretty today, finally:

A picture perfect postcard day, indeed:

This is the show that wrapped on Friday. It got a bit sappy and silly, but that’s OK. It is the last episode of the award-winning Bloomington Breakfast Club for the year.

Apr 19

And down the stretch …

Spring might just be here.

Because, you know, middle of April is about when it should show up.

The Little 500 races were this weekend, which is how spring finally knows to make its appearance. I got to go to the men’s race on Saturday.

(Spring, when it does make its grand old way here, can be rather nice. This means there might be more than a few flower photos in our near future.)

Mar 19

A tale best told in gifs

All day long with this stuff:

Mar 19

But who’s counting?

This came together better than I thought it would at mumble-mumble thirty this morning.

On the news, they’re doing spring break stories:

Outside, we’re waiting for more snow.

This, for the record, is about two weeks after that nonsense should have stopped.

Mar 19

It should be spring, but it’s Indiana

Meteorologically speaking, Sunday was … well, not as bad as today.

Yeah, it’s a legitimate weather event.

I mean, really:

Of course, I saw tulip bulbs on Friday, which, here, means about four more weeks of winter. This is a thing that happens.

Once more, and I can’t stress this enough:

And if that wasn’t enough, this is today: