Jun 19

Catching up with another friend and former student

‪I don’t know what you did with your Saturday afternoon, but I spent part of mine catching up with the great Lauren Becker. It’s like Old Home Week around here right now, which is great. It’s such a treat when nice people come back to visit.

‪The IUSTV news director emeritus is currently covering South Bend and Michiana for WSBT. She was nice enough to spend part of her afternoon telling me all about how our program is helping set up tomorrow’s reporters, and realizing how so much of my advice is, in fact, brilliant. I should have rolled tape on that part, just to share with future students.

She told me about a few of the stories she’s working on, the experiences she’s had in her first year on the job and all she’s learned.

I’m going to have to get her back down here when the students are on campus and let her tell the TV folks what they’ve got ahead of them. And especially that part about how my advice is pretty useful.

May 19

The time has come to wrap up the school year

They produced 158 episodes of scripted TV ranging from news to sports to entertainment. They covered a weekend-long program covering the huge dance marathon fundraiser. A freshman won a statewide anchor award. The morning show won a statewide award for best show. Two of our underclassmen were nominated for big SPJ awards. The sports crew swept the SPJ Indy sports reporting category. We had three directors nominated for awards at a film festival, and another student won a film festival prize for best supporting performance.

It was a good year.

Apr 19

On the air

It is audition season at IUSTV. Out with the graduating, and in with the new, basically. It’s a fun time, but an emotional time. It is a time of repetitive scripts and camera shots, and a time of surprises.

Also, we’ve been nurturing a funny little rivalry between two of the entertainment shows. The morning show and the late night crowd have been putting little jokes past one another and recording little tongue-in-cheek promos about one another.

Well. Today, the host of Not Too Late jumped into the auditions of the Breakfast Club. He sat in the control while the crew went through the last segments of the real show and a few auditions. He wrote, on the spot, three minutes of jokes for a new script, and put them before the co-host of the morning show. They were all quite good, and she made us vow to never show it anywhere. She didn’t, however, say anything about gifs.

Entertainment, news, sports, it’s always fun watching them work and giving them a hand. Anyway, here are the last episodes the various crews have produced:

Apr 19

If you’ll allow me to brag on some people

Apr 19

New threads, new palmarés

I’m trying out a new look. What do you think?

Proudly wearing my new socks, which my friend, the thoughtful Dr. Ann Pegoraro sent me. (I just sent her socks, too, so that’s our thing now.) These are Baie d’Hudson socks, and they are fancy.

I doubt there’s ever been that much color between my shoes and slacks.

The sports crew is goofing off in the studio for my amusement:

And then getting down to business:

We had to record some extra promos tonight, since a bunch of our news people, have recently been nominated for awards from the Society of Professional Journalists. Michael Dugan did the promos, bragging on Andrew Lamparski’s general news nomination for a story about prescription drug abuse and Meredith Struewing’s feature news nomination for a local circus school. They’re both sophomores, so we’re going to get plenty more stories from them in the next few years.