Aug 20

Happy website anniversary

This blog started, on Blogger, this week in 2003. I was bored and it was a light day after work in a slow week in the studio. I’d been reading a lot of blogs and decided to try it myself with no expectations. And after 17 years and one day, here we are.

Jump forward a year, this same week in 2004, I bought the URL to this website. I think my co-workers talked me into it. Better to host your own than to jump from free site to free site. Tomorrow turns 16 years old.

This is a basic view of the statistical trend of monthly growth of the site’s visitors.

The whole site, which I scaled back starting in 2016 or 2017, has welcomed almost 3.7 million visitors over the years. Not bad for a personal site.

Thanks for being a part of this.

Jul 20

Mud, we’re going to talk very briefly about mud

I changed the website. It was due for a refresh, anyway, and I wanted to return to a simpler bit of code. For a long time the idea was to find the art in the simplicity. And then I found some other fancy things and did that for a few years. Like with so many fancy things, there’s a lot to like, and some elements to tolerate. Ultimately, it comes down to how much coding you want to do, and, again, there’s something special about doing it all with a little.

So go check it out. It looks like this:

Eventually I’ll change around the background, but all the buttons work and it is responsive to different browsers and different mobile orientations. Simple. Effective. We like that.

I’m working through the last of my latest haul of crinoids.

I’m looking forward to returning them to the wild.

Still need to work on the pictures of small things.

These next two are filled with a few millennia or so of sediment. You could drill that out. I’ve toyed with the idea. I prefer the open ones, but maybe a mud scientist, a pedologist or an edaphologist would like these more. Maybe they could learn something from it. Maybe it was a good year for mud when it seeped into the columns. Maybe it was a bad year for mud when it decided to stay.

There, I’ve anthropomorphized mud. It’s been a full day.

I’m not often lucky enough to find crinoids with these more involved characteristics in the center. It’s pretty cool.

Guess the mud knew to stay out of those.

Jun 20

Give this a listen

Today is going to be brief, because I have decided to take a bit of this day away from this glowing machine. So here’s a flower from a recent walk.

And if the photos look a bit larger around here today, they should. I decided to change the default photo size earlier this week. Mondays, first of the month and all of that. Usually these sorts of changes are made in August, in honor of the anniversary of the place. And, who knows, I have this vague idea that I’ve done this before and that somewhere along the way I forgot that and reverted to the older habit. Habits are like that sometimes.

Said the guy who knows he’s got too many of them.

I talked with sociologist Jessica Calarco today. She students social and socioeconomic inequities and their impacts on families, children and school. It seemed a good set up for the end of the school year, when the state’s school experts are expected to make their first announcements about next fall later this week. She gave us a really great interview.

I have at least three of them lined up for next week. More school issues, more economic issues, and who knows what else may appear. You should just go ahead and subscribe so you can get the latest episodes as they are released.

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Jan 20

Happy New Year

Here’s the first sunrise of 2020.

The blog is going to take a few weeks off. We’ll reconvene a bit later in January and get everyone caught back up. Until then, may all your resolutions by new and may all your newness be resolute.

Nov 19

Taking the easy way out

I added two new banners to the top of the page today. They look like this:

There are now 102 banners across the top and 101 across the bottom of each page of the blog. Since they are presented using a random script, you’ll have to come back — or reload the page a lot — to see them all.

This was a good hashtag.

That’s enough for now. Hey, it’s Friday.

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