Apr 18

Speaking of April fools

It snowed yesterday. This being spring, and that being the first day of April it made perfect sense:

And it stuck around until this morning and this afternoon.

This being spring, after all. Last night’s snow was the third we’ve had this spring and the fourth or fifth since these guys came out of the ground …

Better to stay inside, curl up and be warm indoors. Because its spring and all that. Here’s a podcast we did for today. It has to do with sports, primarily basketball, which is played indoors.

Also, it’s a good day to cuddle up to the black cat, who, I’m pretty sure, just wants warmer weather. And tuna:

A show the sports crew produced last week and released yesterday:

Mar 18

I actually talked about basketball for a moment here

There is a basketball tournament and Indiana is in the finals. We have friends from Virginia Tech, the team who will tomorrow being playing the role of the villains. Which, of course, they are not. In point of fact, the Hokies are kind of the underdog here. Both teams started the year slow, and both teams figured it all out at the right time during the season. But, because of seeding, the final WNIT game will be played at Indiana. And Assembly Hall has been getting bigger and bigger crowds as they work their way through this tournament. It’s possible that none of the women for either team have every played in front of a crowd the size they’ll see tomorrow. And they’re all going to be wearing crimson and cream.

So Virginia Tech, really, they’re not the favorite in this game. We have friends from there, so …

Also, Justin and I did a fun show for today. It’s about that guy that is trying to launch himself into space with a homemade rocket. Or, at least he wants you to think that’s what he’s doing. Who can really say?

From The Media Is Changing Department

That department is going to be renamed, something that crystalizes its focus, and the nature of things. What about … The Office Of By Now Thoroughly Unnecessary Updates That Media Is Obviously Changing … The acronym is dreadful, but the name has a certain ring to it.

Mar 18

We made stuff

Tonight in the studio …

Oh, look, you can just watch the full episode.

Two sophomore anchors. I probably didn’t have their composure as a sophomore, and so I’m excited about what they’re going to do, and happy to see what they are doing.

I talked with Texas journalism professor Robert Quigley today. He tells us about a story that suggests we might now be very close to looking at a shift in transportation. Alphabet is about to pick up a lot of self-driving Jaguars. Quiqley tells us how the model, which is expected to come online in 2020, might work. We talked about what that could mean for city infrastructure and the possibilities of unintended consequences.

The students produced another show this evening, it will debut on Sunday. Here’s an ineffectual Twitter teaser:

And after dinner tonight, there were dishes to clean, which means The Dishwashing Sessions:

That’s a pretty good set list to play throughout the house.

Mar 18

The day of the spring equinox, and more winter

No one told the weather it is now spring:

So this is all about weather today, then, I guess.

A podcast I made today, which is not about the weather at all, as it turns out. Except today’s guest is enjoying more winter than we are. Well, he’s receiving more winter. I don’t know if he is enjoying it:

A video I shot this afternoon:

‪The first day of spring, and the return of #AShortFilmOfNoConsequence #XVI‬

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One of those things you never shake:

I did two nights of this in Little Rock, and a few of these in Alabama, including two on the national news. The outtro in the late night and early morning hours is always so sadly similar. “Authorities are waiting until the sun comes up, when daylight shows us what the true scale of the damage is … ” I always hated those stories, standing out there listening to people wondering what their lives had become is no way to spend an overnight. And so it is in Jacksonville, Alabama, right now, where I know many of the folks covering the storms, and the people there are seeing a lot of damage, but fortunately the campus of hard-hit Jacksonville State was enjoying Spring Break. That fortuitous timing, and early warnings, probably helped saved lives and kept the injury count low.

Mar 18

No wendigos allowed

Here is today’s podcast. And if you’re hungry before you listen, we’ll either solve that problem or give you some ideas. It seems there’s a new kind of meat that may be making its way into your grocery shopping list. I doubt, very seriously, that it will happen, but it is fun to contemplate, as you will soon see.

I went for a run after work, sneaking in a quick four miles around the neighborhood before our dinner with friends. And I told them about this episode. Everyone agrees it is an unusual one, even the guy sitting at the table next to us.

We were at an upscale fancy kind of place, our friend who suggested it promised the best burgers in town. And that’s always one of those things you should follow up on. Because it would be a shame to not know where the best burger in town is, first of all. Plus, the previously nominated best burger in town was merely pretty decent. There was nothing wrong with it, but we went the one time and haven’t been back in 15 months, for whatever reason.

But this place, maybe we’d go back. The burgers were certainly good, if a bit overpriced. But you’re paying, you see, for the pleasure of sitting quite close to the next table over. And those people are paying for that same privilege. So it only seemed right that I should talk about recording a podcast where we discussed what is called clean human meat.

The guy at the next table was a little put off by this. Probably because I was talking about it. Definitely because I was talking about it with a little volume. Hey, these podcasts don’t publicize themselves, you know.

Anyway, we probably stayed at that places for about three hours, on the strength of burgers and fish. And everyone had a lovely meal and time. Our dinner dates work in the library and the art museum, so they have plenty of interesting things to tell us about. And we decided in the course of all of that that there are movies we all haven’t seen, but should.

How do you know which movies those are? It seems like we’d all need the input of someone else on this. But who knows all of the movies you’ve seen? No one, really. So it is down to self reporting. And so we decided on a methodology — because this is what you do on a Friday night in a college town. After much debate and thought, we figured we would self-nominate five films each from the Oscar nominated Best Screenplay and Best Film categories dating back to 1980. So you have to go over those and find five movies per. Mine were:

Grand Budapest Hotel
Lady Bird
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
The Savages

In The Bedroom
The Theory of Everything
Get Out
The Post

Next, someone is going to gather all of those in a spreadsheet and we’re going to start watching the common overlaps. There will be popcorn and merriment and, I’m sure, endless critiques.

There will be no human meat.

Happy weekend!

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