Oct 15

Window tape, part 2

Continuing the display from yesterday, this is the time of year on the Samford campus when the art students work on the windows, practicing their craft with tape. This is one of my favorite projects of the year. Here are some geometric examples. Here are more from yesterday.




Among our many upcoming budget cuts, there’s this story:

The Alabama National Guard on Wednesday announced that 19 armories will be closed around the state by 2017.


Two armories have already been closed in Albertville and Monroeville.
As part of the National Guard’s “25-Year Master Plan,” 13 armories were slated to close between 2014 and 2017.

Speaking of budgets, my friend Andre Natta joined me for a podcast today. You’ll want to check this out.

If you’re more in the mood for sports than budgets, here are two football podcasts. Ole Miss and Florida play in this week’s game of the century:

And this one is for the Arkansas and Tennessee fans:

Yes, we do have Vols and Hogs stopping by. And I thank you for visiting, too. More tomorrow.

Sep 15

Used to walk down it; now I run up it

I had a nice eight-mile run this weekend. Eight miles isn’t a lot, maybe, but it is a big number for me. This is only the second time I’ve run that far on purpose. I’m pleased with how it all worked, except for my overall time. I’m pretty slow, you see. Anyway, it gave me views like this, views I normally see on my bicycle:


This is not a view I normally see on my bike, because I don’t care for it. It is one of the bigger hills around, and it feels a little more severe on your legs than it does through a windshield or a computer monitor. I’ve shattered myself on this hill every time I’ve been up it on my bike. But I ran up it Saturday:


I do not know what is happening.

This isn’t the first one of these that you’ve seen, probably. It is a football celebration shot by both the school’s staff, but also their fans. It won’t be the last video you see like this. Storytelling is now a collaborative endeavor.

Sometimes you see stories of young people and think, ‘These leaders of tomorrow have it figured out.’ In grief, high school athletes show us the healing power of sportsmanship:

For those that are unaware, last year’s game between Davidson High School and Charles Henderson High School was marred by the death of a Charles Henderson High School student – Demario Harris. Demario died after sustaining an injury during the game between the two schools.


This brings us to this week and the events that took place. Throughout the week the students at Davidson High School have been selling orange shirts with the number 10 and Demario Harris’ name on it – which all of the band had on underneath their uniforms. The school purchased a plaque to present to Coach Brad McCoy and the players of Charles Henderson High School. There was a moment of silence for Demario and prayer for his family and community that are still grieving. None of which was expected of Davidson to do, nor were they obligated to do. Not to mention, it was homecoming week and the homecoming game.

And, I suppose, that is how you make the most of something that no high school kid should have to experience. And that’s a shame that had to come their way, but good for them, and the people around them.

Said goodbye to my in-laws today. They came in late last week. We took them to see the raptors, to see a football game, hosted a nice little party and a fancy dinner one night.

Also, we did this:


Lovely time.

Sep 15

Trees, football, futbol and … well … you’ll see

I don’t really have a visual for today, so here are two trees in various stages of denial. I shot this last week on campus.


Here’s something I made for the Internet, a new sports podcast. This time we’re talking Ole Miss football:

I like how the logo just sits there and stares at you while the audio plays. Rather hypnotic.

Here’s an ESPNW feature about one of Samford’s soccer stars. Epic hourney of hope for Samford’s Jermaine Seoposenwe :

To stand on a field in the uniform of her country as the national anthem plays requires a long journey. And not just because of the flights involved.

“It’s just my family and everything that I’ve gone through to get to that point,” Seoposenwe said of her thoughts in those moments. “How hard it was getting into the national team. Just going from not wanting to play with women, or girls, to now stepping onto a field with girls that are so talented and so good at what they do.”

Here is one of the season’s more obvious headlines: For Carnival executive, return to Mobile a better moment than 2013’s ‘poop’ cruise experience. I could discuss newspaper influences and SEO demands and clickbait tactics, but, like you, I just think ‘Really? Really?

Sep 15

Things you should listen to today

Really, I should just put this here and leave.

Because that’s amazing. But I have two podcasts to share. One from work, about the state budget:

And one for fun, about the Florida-Tennessee game.

But how about that football call, huh?

Sep 15

When the blacktop sings to you

And, now, scenes from an all-important, utterly inconsequential and I hope never elusive 20-mile bike ride.

I have some history on this road, I realized, as I pedaled down it today. And not just because I’ve made tiny circles with my feet on it before. I’ve raced on it. I have friends that grew up on this road. I re-learned to run on the path that meanders alongside it. I’ve been caught in the rain on this road and failed to outrun hail on this road. I have history on that little ribbon of asphalt, pretty neat.


To be sure, I do spend a lot of my time on this road with this view:


On a different road. Same ride, different light:


What was going on on the other side of the camera at that same moment:


And now, for two podcasts. If you like Arkansas:

And if you prefer your football to be full of Gator bites:

Some other stuff here and there. Mostly, though, that road, and this weekend.