Feb 16

Anybody got a good cold-weather hardball metaphor?

Feels great if you’re sitting in the sun.

Pretty chilly everywhere else.

But, you’ll sit through that if you enjoy baseball. February baseball.

Feb 16

Pics from the weekend

A friend was sick and complaining on social media. I leaped to the rescue! With milk and chocolate sauce.

She looked pretty good when I dropped it off at her place, though …

Autumn shows off the rally hat and rally sunglasses ensemble at the baseball stadium:

We gave it a try, and if anyone asks I did not invent the rally sunglasses:

Aubie doesn’t wear sunglasses, so he made it work with Upside Down Batman Goggles:

(I did invent those.)

We are painting. Well, we hired painters. Allie is helping:

At least we don’t have to pay The Black Cat for her painting services. She has paint on her tail.

We took my mother-in-law to the Irish pub tonight. I could go there a lot more than we do, actually. And I want to take their poster home with me:

Which is one of the reasons I took a picture of it. That’s actually a poster of which I’d buy a reproduction. Ordinarily I’d only want the authentic stuff, but that’s a good one. Ireland was amazing, having a poster of it in the office would be a nice reminder. Maybe a motivation to get back.

Feb 16

At the baseball game

My mother-in-law is been down for the week visiting and helping us do stuff. We are introducing her to new and exciting people.

Aubie is a ladies man. I think she likes him.

Feb 16

Hanging out with Sully

This is El Diablo Blanco, or Sully. He comes by one of those names honestly. Some friends of ours belong to us.

Sully likes baseball. We like baseball. It is baseball season, Sully’s second. He’s excited.

May 15

Brown shoes in my size, the second hardest thing to buy

This morning it was laundry. This afternoon it was errands. I had to buy shoes. Buying a specific kind of shoe in my size — and at a price I want to pay — is sometimes very difficult. This is one of those times. But, on the third store, I picked up some nice brown casual shoes that might feel comfortable.

Since we’ve started doing triathlons I’ve come to think of the comfort of my feet as a very important thing.

I also bought some new running shoes this week. I just eclipsed 400 miles in the old shoes and they were letting me know. Three times in a row I went for a jog that turned into an aching-calf shuffle. Well, you don’t have to tell me a fourth time. So that’s two new pairs of shoes in one week.

Didn’t get all of my errands done. The loafers took too long. So we’ll push that on to next week. Today there’s baseball. And then dinner, with friends. And we met our friend Sally Ann and her niece.


We all dined with our friends Jennie and Jeremy, who we bumped into by chance:


Oh yes, I bought a selfie stick today. You’ll soon see why.