Apr 21

End of the semester

Morning show time in the television studio today. This was the last IUSTV show of the school year.

This morning show in Studio 7, and the late night show they produced last night in Studio 5, will be online next Monday. Today, though, I can show you the sports shows from last night. Senior on the desk, his last show before graduation.

Mike is going to go out there and do some real good work somewhere. He’s a sharp guy.

I mentioned last night that the sports people have a few other graduating seniors. They’re a good bunch and they’ve brought a lot of leadership and talent to the table. The sports crew just gets a little bit better every year because of that sort of leadership. And this graduating group has been a big part of that evolution.

There are sophomores and freshmen and a senior on camera in this show.

Anyway, after this morning’s taping, we called it a year.

I woefully undercounted the podcasts there. Also, all of this was, of course, during a pandemic, wearing masks, social distancing and putting up with all of the safety measures we put in place, etc. They did it safely, and they’ve done it well.

Since we’re talking morning show, I should mention the two show runners.

Amy and Ellie are also graduating. Amy has been around the entertainment division of IUSTV since her freshman year, and Ellie has been on board for two or three years. Amy is going the talent agency route. Ellie is an aspiring director. Super sharp women, detail-oriented, get-it-done types. They’re going to do nice, great big things out there one of these days. Can’t wait to see it all come together for them.

And this evening we had a thing cancel at the last minute, and that’s how the semester ended, quietly, in an empty building, at 6 p.m.

He said, having spent the rest of the evening on a chair on the deck.

Apr 21

Another slow mover

Two more final shows of the year. Tonight it was IUSTV’s sports crew wrapping their season. Among that group we’re graduating four seniors. One of them anchored the highlight show.

One anchored last week. Another had a hit on the the talk show tonight.

And the fourth — Jordan, one of our producers — told me tonight about the job he’ll start right after graduation. I think that makes five or six students this term who have jobs before graduation. That’s a great testament to their hard work.

Those shows will be online, so I can share them with you then. And there are two other shows to oversee tomorrow, too. And that will wrap up the year. Time flies, and maybe the summer will move much, much slower.

That’d be a great speed for a while. Because, really …

We grilled out this evening, and it was delicious. Also, it meant I had to cover the grill after doing the dishes, and I saw this guy.

Here’s a common angle moth (Macaria aemulataria). I think. I mean, it could be. There are more than 10,000 moth species in this country, so I’m pretty bad with moths.

Apr 21

Moving fast

Some days feel like they take forever. Others have the grace to seem to fly right by. And wouldn’t you like to have a few more of those in the middle of your week?

Today seemed to last about 45 minutes. People came into the studio to shoot a quick thing. It’s a blip for a commercial they’ll use at football games next fall. Took longer for everyone to get set up than for them to shoot the small portion they needed today.

We were simultaneously setting up some other big final project program. It went off without a hitch because smart people made it happen. I know, because I watched them do it.

And, after it was over, and after we tore it all down, it was almost time to call it a day. There was just enough time to sit down and catch your breath.

Oh, here’s a brief video from Monday:

And here are the shows the students produced last night.

The anchors of Hoosier News Source are graduating seniors. They’ve been a part of this since their very first day on campus.

There’s still time to flunk them in some class or another, so they have to stick around.

These things come to mind from time-to-time, that’s all I’m saying.

The young woman on the left is also graduating. She’ll be working on air in Green Bay in a few weeks.

Green Bay, market number 67, is a second-job market, traditionally. We’ve put three graduates there fresh out of school in the last year. We’re cultivating a lot of talent around here. Don’t think we don’t brag about this sort of thing frequently.

And, tomorrow, we’ll shoot the last sports shows of the year.

Apr 21

The week of the last shows

This is that weird time of year. Sad and happy. Sad to see some young friends go; happy to have a regular schedule over the summer. Sad to know I won’t see them in the fall; happy to see them take their next great steps. Time marches us on.

This is the the second group of people who I’ve had for four years. Last year’s senior cohort was a bit small, and, of course, truncated by global events. This senior class, though, there’s a bunch of people that have spent all four years of their college experience working on this. What a commitment that is, to spend four years of your college life working in one place! And this is the week when we kick them all out of the nest. Time plays this cruel trick and, clearly, I should stop doing this.

There’s a lot deal of talent right there, and those three are off to great, exciting things. They’ll continue to make us proud. Tomorrow we start talking about how we follow them next year. We continue on, as time demands.

Tomorrow there are more projects aplenty. Time is relentless.

Apr 21

My legs are so tired

On Saturday we rode indoors, because it was cold and rainy and just your average, underwhelming, gross Indiana April day. So we did about 26 miles in virtual northern France, instead where, according to Zwift, it is always sunny.

Yesterday we had a perfectly lovely day. So we rode outdoors for a few hours. Just after the big climb — which I’d dreaded the entire ride and before, finally, actually on the thing and tired of it, I rode a bit harder had my second best time ever on the thing — I took this photograph.

It should be noted that the climb isn’t long or especially hard. It’s the easiest real climb around here. But that doesn’t make it easy!

Somewhere after that I happened upon an opportunity to add to the Barns by Bike collection:

I don’t know why I do that, other than that barns are the right size and usually in the right kind of locale, and I move at just precisely the right speed to be able to retrieve my phone, get to the camera app and take a photo before I get by it.

Anyway, as I said, it was a beautiful afternoon yesterday. Here’s a bit of video proof.

And here’s one more shot of Lake Lemon, which we cruised by just before the “big climb.”

Now, today was a day for an easy ride. Another pleasant afternoon. I got in from campus, we sat on the lawn furniture for a few minutes and then headed out once more. Just before this photograph she said, “Where did my speed go?” And just after this photograph we turned left, and she caught some exclusive cosmic tailwind …

Bang, she dropped me. It took no longer than the time required for me to tuck my phone back into my jersey pocket.

The next part of our route offers a turnaround point and I saw her there, 4.6 miles later. By then she was riding so well I figured that would be it. But I worked hard on tired legs over the rest of the ride — managing an 18-second PR on a Strava segment and put in some ridiculous mile splits, besides — and caught her just before she turned into the neighborhood.

Tomorrow is a rest day, after three days where I asked a lot of my legs, who aren’t used to that right now. The next several days might be rest days, too.

It’s never a rest day for Phoebe. She’s doing some cat yoga here. I think this position is called “I forgot my other leg.”

And here’s a photo of a cat somewhere he shouldn’t be. Go figure.

It means a lot when we’re in one room and hear a sound from elsewhere in the house and the immediate reaction is “POSEIDON!”

It means something else when it wasn’t him and we don’t even feel bad about the verbal scolding. You figure he deserves it for something else he’s getting away with somewhere.

Which is what you should be doing, getting away with something, somewhere. But come back tomorrow for more stuff here. There will be more stuff here.

More. Stuff. Here.