May 21

Friday in the garage

Slept in, enjoying a day off. Fiddled around catching up on the day’s reading until lunch. Had a sandwich and then went to the garage.

I have been trying to get into the garage all week. But events, and timing and desire and other things, so events, have conspired against me. Today, though. Nothing on the calendar, so to the garage!

Moved the car out so I could get to a saw. I had some wood scraps that needed to get trimmed down. Do away with the pointy bits and save the better stuff on the end.

Ahh, the smell of sawdust! Smells like progress!

And then I straightened things up along that wall of the garage. It needed it. It needed cleaning more than I realized.

Doing that I found a piece of lumber that would work for something my beautiful bride asked me to make for her. So I cut that down to size. And then cut it again. And then tried to square it up. And cut it a 1/16th of an inch off the desired dimensions. Fortunately that’s not integral to the project. Nor is the squareness of all the ages. Somewhere there’s a 1/32 inch of a wave in the thing and we don’t care.

And then I sanded and sanded: 100, 150, 220, 400, 600. It’s almost furniture quality.

It’s just a rectangle of pine. It took no time, but the grain is clean and has some nice character when you can see it up close. Most importantly, she’s pleased. Next The Yankee will stain it — she likes the staining part, everyone does. Then we’ll put some legs on it to make a nice monitor riser on her desk.

This evening we went for a nice walk in between the rain drops. Standing on the cement garage floor and then walking three miles or so. I was starting to feel that. Thanks, old sneakers!

Ribs and re-runs for dinner this evening, and then an early morning for a bike ride. All of this makes for a nice way to start a weekend. Still didn’t get to some of the projects I’d imagined for myself last weekend. But it’ll keep.

And this will have to, as well. I’m taking a few days off from here. So this may hold us over until May 17th. There will be plenty of things to see here then.

Until then, though, you can keep up with things on Twitter and check me out on Instagram, too. And did you know that Phoebe and Poseidon have an Instagram account? Phoebe and Poe have an Instagram account. Follow the cats.

Apr 21

End of the semester

Morning show time in the television studio today. This was the last IUSTV show of the school year.

This morning show in Studio 7, and the late night show they produced last night in Studio 5, will be online next Monday. Today, though, I can show you the sports shows from last night. Senior on the desk, his last show before graduation.

Mike is going to go out there and do some real good work somewhere. He’s a sharp guy.

I mentioned last night that the sports people have a few other graduating seniors. They’re a good bunch and they’ve brought a lot of leadership and talent to the table. The sports crew just gets a little bit better every year because of that sort of leadership. And this graduating group has been a big part of that evolution.

There are sophomores and freshmen and a senior on camera in this show.

Anyway, after this morning’s taping, we called it a year.

I woefully undercounted the podcasts there. Also, all of this was, of course, during a pandemic, wearing masks, social distancing and putting up with all of the safety measures we put in place, etc. They did it safely, and they’ve done it well.

Since we’re talking morning show, I should mention the two show runners.

Amy and Ellie are also graduating. Amy has been around the entertainment division of IUSTV since her freshman year, and Ellie has been on board for two or three years. Amy is going the talent agency route. Ellie is an aspiring director. Super sharp women, detail-oriented, get-it-done types. They’re going to do nice, great big things out there one of these days. Can’t wait to see it all come together for them.

And this evening we had a thing cancel at the last minute, and that’s how the semester ended, quietly, in an empty building, at 6 p.m.

He said, having spent the rest of the evening on a chair on the deck.

Apr 21

New site look

There’s a new front page on the website. It looks similar to this, and if you click this image you can see it for yourself. So click this image. We’ll be here when you get back.

Here are some television programs I didn’t share in this space this week. Let’s get caught up.

The award-winning late show:

The award-winning morning show:

The award-winning pop culture show:

The award-winning news show:

The award-winning sports highlight show:

And a sports talk show that will be winning awards very soon:

Happy weekend! Make it an award-winning weekend, why don’t you?

Apr 21

There’s an animal video in here, and other good stuff

A morning shoot and auditions in the studio this morning. And a Zoom meeting and a phone meeting and a canceled project, too. It left me just enough time to take a walk in the sunshine.

I made a new friend.

They’ll come right up to you if you take a little interest in them. They are used to attention and always hungry. Clearly. Look at him. Hasn’t eaten in days, poor guy.

Also took a few photographs that’ll wind up on the site at some point next week. Here’s a teaser.

We also lined up a podcast for next week, and scheduled some other projects so it was a fair Friday. And now we can turn to the weekend. But first …

Two shows to watch right here, a sports highlight program with a brand new anchor making his debut. Nice guy, always smartly dressed, and he did a fine job here.

The talk show is all about soccer. So much soccer. So much good soccer. And good soccer talk, too.

We sat on the deck for a bit this evening, under blankets. For as mild and warm as we’ve had it the last few days, we get more clouds and more cold coming next week. So that’s something.

Apr 21

Easing into a springtime weekend

Here are the sports shows from last night. First, the highlights from Sports Nite. Big stories are about postseason play in soccer. And basketball. Always basketball. Basketball never ends here. The sport needs a shot clock.

And here’s The Toss Up, which is where they talked about The Masters. A fun time was had by all.

Today I gave two tours. First time I’ve had guests in the building since, I don’t know, maybe February of last year. The first was for a young man who’ll be joining us as a freshman in the fall. The other is a guy who’ll be joining us for grad school. He is also from Alabama. Two new people from home in the same week.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him about the barbecue situation.

I have made a new look for the front page. I rather like it, and I think you will too. Just click the image below and, via the magic technology of hyperlinks, you will be effortlessly transported to it. Tell me what you think.

And then effortlessly transport yourself to the weekend. I’m starting mine relaxing on the deck. How you are beginning your weekend? You’ve earned it, after all. Enjoy it!