Oct 21

A full and exciting day to wrap an incredibly full week

Studio this morning. Two shows were shot, one included an interview with a tarot card reader.

And another discussing student films.

And then I hosted this conversation.

We had a full room for the Emmy-award winning director and Murrow-award winning producer. We talked about skillsets, they told media war stories, discussed hard days, good days, and how to do all the things you want to do in those broadcast internships and first jobs. They were, of course, terrific. I wish you’d been there to hear it.

While that was going on technology was breaking in the TV studio. Good thing we have backup cameras! There was an event to shoot and stream tonight, celebrating five exceptional alumni. And that was to be streamed — on Zoom?

On Zoom.


Yep. Three branded platforms to choose from, and that important program highlighting prestigious graduates was put on Zoom.

So there’s no feed to show you, unfortunately. Perhaps the recorded version will be uploaded somewhere eventually. (I’m an optimist, and team long-tail.)

Anyway, it was about 7 p.m. before I left campus. An 11-hour day today, and five of the last six days have been late days for me. I’m … tired.

The daily duds: Pictures of clothes I put here to, hopefully, help avoid embarrassing scheme repeats.

But I looked good! Old Calvin Klein shirt and a cheap Apt. 9 tie (hey, it has some heft and a great texture). It was Friday, so a casual dark blue suit.

How about the mespoke pocket square though? I made that one this summer. It got a nice compliment by a random person passing by today.

I was also sporting mespoke cufflinks, which I made earlier this year.

Now I just need to make a way to take better pictures of the cufflinks.

And a nice long nap. I need to make a way to take a nice long nap. I feel like I’m due a weekend and, wouldn’t you know it, we have one of those coming up. I hope you do, too! And I hope it is great!

Oct 21

Easing into the weekend … with an 11-hour day at the office

My morning started with a meeting. I used the Zoom option, because some people have trouble with masks. My day ended with another meeting. There was no Zoom option. I wish there had been a Zoom option. But not because of the masks.

My day should have ended with that meeting, but I ended up running into a prospective student and her father and talked about the school for a while. And I shot an instructional video and finally left the office at 7 p.m. On Friday. All of this was made possible because that Friday afternoon meeting ran until 6 p.m.

In between those meetings, though, I caught up on a week’s worth of emails and many of the small chores that fill up everyone’s work week. I also went to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to get a temporary handicapped driver placard. The Yankee can’t drive for a few weeks, doctor’s orders, but parking on every college campus in America is a premium commodity, and she’ll be limited in her walking distances the next few weeks.

So I got the temporary tag. And I updated my car’s registration, as well. And this was the time of the day when the sun broke through the clouds. It was a wonderful moment to be outside doing things.

The other thing I did was to notice that the BMV office is close to Carson’s, the best barbecue in town, so I picked up a sandwich to take back to the office.

It isn’t Bob Sykes, but it will do get the job done in the moment.

I haven’t updated this space with any of the student television this week, so let’s get caught up.

The morning show introduced us to some service dogs and had some other great segments, as well.

The best part is when they’re trying to introduce the dogs, who are trying to be service animals, and one of them immediately hides under the chair. You couldn’t have coaxed that out of that pup any better. Never work with animals, they say. Whoever says that doesn’t appreciate the joy of the spontaneity.

Here is one of IUSTV’s new shows this semester. Bring in a student filmmaker, have them talk about a project they’ve produced. It’s pretty cool.

I say one of their new shows, because there are two new shows this term. Here’s the first episode of a new sports project, almost everyone on it is an underclassman. I’m excited to see where they take this as it grows.

Of course that isn’t enough sports for you, but not to worry. I’ve got more sports for you. Here’s the oldest sports show in our catalog. They produced this one Wednesday night, and it has all the highlights and the looks ahead you’ll need for the weekend of IU sports.

And tomorrow is homecoming around here. (Naturally they have scheduled a top 10 conference foe for homecoming.) The Toss Up has your deep dive ready, right here.

One of the entertainment crews was in the studio this evening, as well. And we should see that episode early next week. I’ll have it here in a timely fashion.

Until then, have a great weekend, and don’t forget we’ll have Catober updates on Saturday and Sunday.

Oct 21

Check out this podcast!

First thing this morning it was into the studio. The morning crew had a program to shoot. An interview, stuff going on about time, a little feature on alumni, and so on. It’s a tight little show and it’ll be out on Monday.

They also produced the new show, Behind The Curtain. It features an interview with a short film director. The project they are highlighting in the new episode is a send off of 1960s and 1970s horror movies. That’s not my genre, but the interview made it sound interesting. So I’ll be watching that at some point next week.

But until then, you can check out …

Professor Laura Littlepage has been studying rural homelessness in our neighboring county. As in so many things, the circumstances and the stakes and the solutions are different in urban and rural contexts. So when I found this study I was immediately interested in learning more.

There’s a story in that conversation about a person living in a trailer that slide into a creek. Then the trailer had to be hauled out of the creek. There are stories about people living in tool sheds out back of someone else’s house. And there’s a story about someone living in an outbuilding without the owners’ knowledge. That’s no way to live. One of the big takeaways is that it’s hard to understand the true scale of the problem — that community leaders themselves struggle with that — and it’s difficult to do much about it until you do. It’s an interesting interview, if I do say so.

Which gets us caught up with everything for the day. I think I’ll have a seat and try to do as little as possible for a day or so, which means …

Oct 21

It is once more Friday, let us away to … the Institute!

Please enjoy social scientists talking about their work, and the opportunity that I have to share a bit of it with you, the casual viewer.

And if that’s not enough video content with which to wind down your week, here’s more quality teevee programming the IUSTV crowd has recently produced that I haven’t yet shared here. This is the late night comedy- variety- experimental- awkward- affirmative- comedy- show. It’s a comedy.

“Always Be Recording. Always.”

Here’s the morning show. It’s their first episode of the season, and they have two brand new co-hosts. Still a good way to start your mid-morning, if you ask me.

This is a brand new show. They’re showing off video works of other students, and talking to the creators. It’s a pretty cool concept!

And that’s how we’ll get to the weekend. Have a lovely one!

Sep 21

A full fall Friday

First thing this morning it was into the studio. The morning show folks were under the lights this morning. I saw part of their production, but had to duck in and out for other things. There was a special alumni presenting to students today, so I had to do a bit to help with that.

And then there was a student who needed to interview someone in a podcast studio. That required giving a crash course in the equipment. (I saw her later. She said it all went great.) Then back to the guest speaker. And then another podcast tutorial.

After which I was able to sneak in a quick sandwich at my desk. And then the actual speaking event took place. After which I was able to catch up on Email.

And after that there was another podcasting tutorial.

One of the emails I fielded today was also about teaching people how to podcast.

Perhaps I should add that as an additional title.

(At least I had a nice matching blue theme today, no?)

After work it was to the house, and then immediately out to the lake to watch my lovely bride do one of her last Ironman workouts.

I also walked through the woods by the lake shore.

And I studied some of the flowering weeds.

And that sums up Friday, and most every day.

It’s the weekend. Supply your own allusion. And enjoy your weekend!