The Glomerata is the yearbook published by the students of Auburn University.

I stumbled across a couple of old editions from when the University was officially called Alabama Polytechnic Institute. On the inside of one of those books was a photograph of a road that no longer exists in a place that is unrecognizable to someone who'd studied there more than four decades later.

Those two books just happened to be the editions that would have been my grandparents' Gloms had they matriculated to API. An idea was born: in a town that measures generations by less than a decade, a true generational observation should take place. With my grandparents' theoretical freshmen books, my mother's and my own, one could get a sense of the evolution of the campus and the culture in an unprecedented period of growth.

This isn't meant to be a comprehensive representation of each book, but rather shared images of things that jump out to a turn-of-the-century graduate.

The original project was conceptualized as just the freshmen books of each generation, but has become an excuse to try to collect each edition of the Glomerata. The scan on this page, for example, is of the spine of the 1997 Glomerata (Volume 100).

These books are a tribute to the University, and were created by the students, to whom all the credit belongs. To study other historical editions of the Glomerata, please visit the Auburn University Digital Library.

Want more? Check out my collection of Glomerata covers.

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