Oh it is much warmer now, thanks

We hit the double digits mid-afternoon. The teens, even. Why, it doesn’t even feel cold anymore … indoors. My lungs, which I complained about yesterday, are better indoors. It feels like an irritation, similar to some other kinds of complaints of irritation, but different. It isn’t debilitating, but it is a bit uncomfortable. I’ll be fine tomorrow, no doubt.

Six new images to see today in the books section. Click the book cover below to jump right in to today’s additions.

See all of the interesting bits from this book here. If you’d like to check out all of the stuff I’ve posted from my grandfather’s books so far, start here.

We produced sports shows in the studio tonight:

They also recorded two other programs which will be rolled out later this week.

And at home tonight, I learned that there is no bottle Best Before date:

Interesting things I found elsewhere today:

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