It goes me, Robert, Dan, Festus

Back in the studio this evening, after an uneventful day in the office. We coordinated things that needed coordinating. We tested locks. I wrote emails about plans and set up Google Drive folders for those plans. I edited audio. I booked a podcast interview for next week. I spent the evening in the television studio.

We were also in the studio last night, and I can show you those programs now. Here’s the standard news show.

And there’s the pop culture and events show, as well. The theatre program here is hosting Carrie, and the actor playing the title role stopped by and sang a song. Having seen the classic movie, I was very nice to her and stood well away, just in case.

There are other shows I haven’t shared with you yet, so let’s catch up! Here’s the late night crew.

Following the video that surfaced of Sebastian’s surveillance of the NTL writers room, Sebastian and Mia are forced by IUSTV to show a scene from IUSTV’s newest spinoff show, “The Adventures of Duncle and Snephew.” Additionally, Sebastian and Mia sit down and chat with the Editor in Chief of The Crimson Post, Kyle Reynolds.

Somehow, I don’t think that tongue-in-cheek spin-off is going to make it.

A show with a lot of staying power, it’s been around five years or so now, is the morning show. Let’s check in with those guys. They interviewed two of the riders from last year’s winning Little 500 men’s team.

The show about films has a new episode, too. Behind The Curtain talks to a guy about his first production. It sounds spooky to me.

Speaking of film, fans of the format know of the legendary John Ford. Well, one of IUSTV’s newest programs interviewed Dan Ford, the filmmaker’s grandson, and author of the biography on John Ford.

Dan Ford is from a big Hollywood family. In addition to his grandfather, John, Dan’s father was Patrick Ford, a writer and producer of several westerns. Dan’s aunt was a film editor. He had a cousin who directed dozens of projects. His uncle was Ken Curtis who has 65 acting credits to his long career, most notably in hundreds of Gunsmoke episodes.

No one is ever prepared for the day when they discover they are three degrees of separation from Festus. Sometimes the amazing just happens.

This is the black sea rod or Caribbean sea whip (Plexaura homomalla). It contains an abundance of prostaglandin A, possibly as a chemical defense against hungry fish. Prostaglandin, in mammals, is a muscle relaxant. It also used to be used to induce labour, until a synthetic version was developed in the 1970s. It can also cause nausea and vomiting. The fish don’t like that part, either.

Here’s the black cap basslet (Gramma melacara). It’s a territorial fish, and that’s why you only see one in saltwater aquariums. I’m not sure what that little guy on the left is.

Look! More yellow tube sponge! There’s going to be some more Aplysina fistularis below, and I don’t even want to apologize for that, but I guess we’ll have to get into some new facts for it.

This is an anemone! Macrodactyla doreensis, I think. Don’t touch them, either.

Now back to the tube sponge. Did you know this is what SpongeBob is supposed to be? Now you know.

Look at it, sitting up there all tall and proud. Yellow tube sponges are filter feeders, taking in ocean water, and extracting plankton, bacteria, and dead organic material to consume.

And they must be hungry. Every minute this sponge can apparently pump an amount of water equal to five times its volume.

I like the little bits of reef that just pop up out of the sand.

Also, I like the sand. I’d like to just sit in that little sliver and do nothing for a few hours.

But there are currents! And I must follow my dive buddy.

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