Another Wednesday down

Saw this on my morning 5K. You’ll forgive the composition and fuzzy focus, but I was running, sorta. Also, this didn’t seem the place to stop and frame a shot.

And this is the difference a month makes. On October 17th, that’s cute, neighborhood kitsch. On November 17th, the neighbors have had enough. And it could come off as creepy to the rest of us.

But, just maybe, there’s a kid that lives there that really loves Halloween. Favorite holiday of the year. Why can’t it be Halloween every Sunday? In which case, keep that ghost dancing.

That wasn’t the only spooky thing of the day. Dig that sky.

And take it back on with you. I could do without all those clouds. I will get more clouds than I want, so feel free to grab a few of these gray skies when you go.

Tonight was the last night in the studio before Thanksgiving. It was a sports night. And I can share those shows with you tomorrow and later this week. For now, two little news shows are here for your consideration. Here’s Hoosier News Source:

And once you’ve gotten all the headlines and weather you need, you can stroll on over and find out what’s up on What’s Up Weekly. (They’re taste-testing pies, just in time for Thanksgiving.)

And at least one sports show will be here tomorrow. I watched them shoot it tonight.

The daily duds. This is an alma mater tie.

And I learned you shouldn’t wear contrasting shades of orange. I had a different orange as a pocket square, saw it in the mirror and tucked it away. But I stuck with the cufflinks. They were a bit more low key.

Orange you glad I learned that lesson? You’d think I’d already know that, having attended a school that used orange in the color scheme, but somehow that never came up.

What’s going to come up tomorrow? I have to do at least two unusual things and surely there will be a new story out of at least one of those, right? Come back tomorrow. Let’s find out together!

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