Oct 21

A full and exciting day to wrap an incredibly full week

Studio this morning. Two shows were shot, one included an interview with a tarot card reader.

And another discussing student films.

And then I hosted this conversation.

We had a full room for the Emmy-award winning director and Murrow-award winning producer. We talked about skillsets, they told media war stories, discussed hard days, good days, and how to do all the things you want to do in those broadcast internships and first jobs. They were, of course, terrific. I wish you’d been there to hear it.

While that was going on technology was breaking in the TV studio. Good thing we have backup cameras! There was an event to shoot and stream tonight, celebrating five exceptional alumni. And that was to be streamed — on Zoom?

On Zoom.


Yep. Three branded platforms to choose from, and that important program highlighting prestigious graduates was put on Zoom.

So there’s no feed to show you, unfortunately. Perhaps the recorded version will be uploaded somewhere eventually. (I’m an optimist, and team long-tail.)

Anyway, it was about 7 p.m. before I left campus. An 11-hour day today, and five of the last six days have been late days for me. I’m … tired.

The daily duds: Pictures of clothes I put here to, hopefully, help avoid embarrassing scheme repeats.

But I looked good! Old Calvin Klein shirt and a cheap Apt. 9 tie (hey, it has some heft and a great texture). It was Friday, so a casual dark blue suit.

How about the mespoke pocket square though? I made that one this summer. It got a nice compliment by a random person passing by today.

I was also sporting mespoke cufflinks, which I made earlier this year.

Now I just need to make a way to take better pictures of the cufflinks.

And a nice long nap. I need to make a way to take a nice long nap. I feel like I’m due a weekend and, wouldn’t you know it, we have one of those coming up. I hope you do, too! And I hope it is great!

Oct 21

Time — do not bend

Stepped outside at almost the right time this evening. This is looking west down Kirkwood, through IU’s photogenic Sample Gates. At their dedication in 1987 then-Vice President Kenneth Gros Louis said the gates an entrance to the campus, but “an entrance from the campus into the greater world, the world beyond the university, of which this institution is a part, hopefully as a major civilizing force, as the preserver and transmitter of the best that has been known and thought.”

He said, “(I)t is a coming in, never a going out – either coming into the campus, or from the campus, coming into the community. We can never leave either. We enter the community and centuries of knowledge guide us. We enter the campus and obligations, commitments, and relationships with all of society, impel us. We are always entering, always moving through these gates on a continuum.”

Isn’t that something? I think about that speech sometimes when I walk through there, entering the community and the centuries of knowledge. It’s sometimes a nice feeling, thinking of it as a continuum. And sometimes that whole manner of thinking can bring about any manner of feelings —

Hey! Check out those cool lights down Kirkwood!

Yes, they closed a few blocks of that road for pedestrians and street dining and the local merchants have liked it. Only a few parking spots were lost and it made for a generally much more relaxed attitude in a high traffic and incredibly high pedestrian area.

As the weather is turning colder, that will soon go away. Hopefully it’ll come back in … sigh … five or six months when things warm up again.

I made this gif today and I’m glad I thought to do it. I’m exceedingly proud of it. Also, Emma is great, too.

Here’s the news show they shot last night:

And this is the pop culture show, from whence I made a gif last night to put in this space. This is the show that interviewed the student government president, and you can see that here. He’s an impressive individual. And the whole show is pretty nice, too.

This is the second episode of the new show. I shared the debut here last week. This show is all freshman and sophomores. They’re finding their way and having some fun. I feel like that part shines through, too.

The daily duds: Pictures of clothes I put here to, hopefully, help avoid embarrassing scheme repeats.

New pocket square, old shirt, older tie.

But how about these mespoke cufflinks?

Nice compliment-to-contrast, if you ask me. Which you did not. But, then again, you are here and the question is implied.

I just googled that phrasing, compliment-to-contrast. Most of the uses are in a handful of different medical instances. There are two uses in an interior decorating context. The closest one to my use was in 2015, when a wedding photographer, talked about mist that creeped into a photo shoot.

So, clearly, I’ve coined a fashion term here.

That’s my style, and it is also today’s contribution to the continuum.

Oct 21

New tie Tuesday!

Back in the suits this week. Just another series of things to customize some kind of way. Just imagine this in the morning.

You do the regular stuff. Shower, shave, and so on. Then you slap in some fresh collar stays into your shirt. Fortunately, I did all of the week’s ironing last night. But I still have to get a tie that works with this suit. And then a pocket square that compliments (but only just) the tie. So, anyway …

The daily duds: Pictures of clothes I put here to, hopefully, help avoid embarrassing scheme repeats.

Oh, and you have to make your pocket square behave in whichever way you want it to today. I found a great page with 52 ways to fold a pocket square. I’ve probably used two dozen, have found some to gravitate toward and will soon be making it up, I’m sure.

After that, it’s the cufflinks. And which should we bring together? The tie or the pocket square?

It’s an additional sequence of events, is all. You have to remember all the things you don’t want to forget, and allot enough time for it.

We were in the studio this evening. There was the traditional news show and the pop culture show, where the president of the student government stopped by for a quick interview. And they discussed bones and no bones days.

(You’re going to hear all about that elsewhere later this week.)

Those shows will both be online tomorrow.

Speaking of studio stuff, here’s one of the entertainment productions. It was produced last Friday. And there’s apparently ghosts.

Now, the campus is supposedly haunted. (I’ve never been on that tour. I’m always working, it seems.) But the building that particular studio is in doesn’t have any ghost stories.

Yet. Sebastian and Mia could very well be making some good tales for us these next few weeks.

Sep 21

A case of pareidolia not smooshed flat after all these years

I park in a parking deck on campus. It’s a block from the office. I like the walk, most of the time, because it’s almost enough to separate the parts of your day. (Plus it keeps my car out of the weather!) So you figure I’ve parked there almost every working day for five years. Which means I’ve made that walk more than 1,000 times, allowing for parking in other places and what not.

Which means I’ve made that walk, back and forth more than 2,000 times or so.

Which means I’ve walked by this speed bump that same number, whatever it is, and never noticed …

But I saw that expression this evening and my immediate thought was, Now here’s a speed bump that’s seen some things…

The daily duds: Pictures of clothes I put here to, hopefully, help avoid embarrassing scheme repeats.

Today it saw a classic pocket square.

It’s all a part of my fall collection. I did not make that square. It came with a tie I bought years ago. Later this autumn I’ll wear the tie.

Here are today’s bespoke cufflinks.

I made these last summer. The colors mean they’ll match a lot of shirts.

I’m a fan of that sort of utility.

Last night’s TV productions … the news!

And the pop culture!

Tonight we were in the studio again, and it’s all about sports.

This episode, which I’ll share here tomorrow, boasts of origins from Indiana to Thailand to Alabama. And, no, that part isn’t me. Noah, the third person in that gif, is from Montgomery. Studios may as well be home, and you always want to have a bit of home around you. But it’s even more fun to talk about the same towns and schools and restaurants and such with someone who grew up not far away from where you did.

Someone has to tell all these midwesterners about good food, after all.

Sep 21

Another multimedia Tuesday — or as we call it, a Tuesday

Did something a bit different this morning, and it worked out well.

It’s National Clean Energy Week, and so I talked with a guy who researches bioenergy and land-use and the impact of changing vehicle fleets and we talked about some of these things and a whole lot more, like ethanol, switchgrass, private use, government programs and so on. It’s delightfully nerdy, so please press that little orange play button in the top left corner.

We did that one over Zoom, which is the part that was different. I (finally) discovered an ingenious setting for my computer, Zoom and mixer. So, on my end, it sounds like a studio. On Dr. Jerome Dumortier’s end, it sounds like he was in his home office in Indianapolis. You can hear the sound of his voice bouncing off the drywall, but it’s much better than the typical compression you experience when I record these as a phone call.

So I am pleased both by the outcome of the interview, and the aural quality. I’m only kicking myself, a little, for not doing that interview earlier, and discovering how I could integrate Zoom audio much sooner into these episodes.

The daily duds: Pictures of clothes I put here to, hopefully, help avoid embarrassing scheme repeats.

Today’s was not the best look, I think. I like the pocket square. It works with the jacket and the shirt.

And I like the cufflinks, which worked well as a contrasting splash of color on the shirt.

But I think three points of contrast are too many for my limited style.

They can’t all be the best combinations, I tell myself. And I was a bit rushed this morning, I keep telling myself.

But my mother-in-law said she liked the cufflinks, so I’ve nothing to worry about on the day, right?

Studio tonight. News time, and so we go the desk …

It occurred to me this evening that I need to think up a few new ways to shoot studio gifs.

There’s always next week. And tomorrow.

And tonight! This is our view of the cloud-covered harvest moon.