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Right as I cross the street onto campus I walk under this ginko tree. It was having a busy morning. And this is your moment of Friday meditation. It’s 60 seconds. Just watch it over and over until your weekend begins.

I will.

This is directly below that same tree, and it’s the next installment in my jigsaw puzzle project.

Wouldn’t you like to have a whole series of puzzles like that? I think it’s a 5000-piece puzzle. And, of course, as my contribution to the innovation puzzle industry, I’m proposing two-sided puzzles. This side yellow leaves, the other side red leaves.

One more show before the Thanksgiving break. This is the talk show the sports gang produced Wednesday evening. So if leaves aren’t your things, there’s always more sports talk to be had, right?

This week’s episode is a deep examination of the current state of the NFL.

And if you’re not in the mood for leaves or sports talk, here’s a car chase I watched this live this evening. One of the better ones I’ve ever seen. It had a little bit of everything — high speeds, PIT attempts, spike strips, wrong-way-down-the-freeway, bystanders trying to pitch in, a standoff, K-9, rubber bullets, bumper cars — it was a roller coaster of emotion and, happily, no one was hurt.

Some Fridays you just want a good chase and some Fridays deliver.

The daily duds: Pictures of clothes I put here to, hopefully, help avoid embarrassing scheme repeats.

Here’s a pocket square I made. First time I’ve worn it.

And I also made these cufflinks this summer, as well.

Looked pretty snazzy for a quiet day in the office.

And that’s my last day before the break. There will be some stuff here next week, so if you’ve not logged off for the week, stop back by and see the good stuff.

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