Almost saw the sun set

I woke up on Sunday — or Monday, I forget which — thinking that I was going to take Friday off this week. It was my first thought. Not ‘Where am I?’ or ‘Wow, my arm hurts and I regret sleeping like that,’ but ‘I’m taking Friday off.’

I’ve had late nights at the office three or four nights a week for five out of the last six weeks. And that other week was truly exhausting.

So I forgot almost immediately the when of that thought of taking Friday off, but I remember it clearly, and the rightness of it. Which is to say I have a three-day weekend. Which is to say I’ve been looking forward to that all day. Which is really saying something, probably.

I took this photo for the Instagram sky study before my last little chore of the day, which took place at 5:45.

It isn’t hard, but definitely accumulative.

I stopped on the top of the parking deck to watch the birds and the sunset for a moment. And I shot this in black and white because that’s the setting I was using at the time I decided to try to catch a bird in flight.

And here’s the last of the sunlight playing on the bottom of the clouds, from the top of a parking deck in the middle of town.

Though I recorded this last week and published it on Monday and have been circulating it on social media all week, I haven’t put it here. Dr. Sanya Carley does research on energy, and she and her colleagues have a new study that shines light on the crisis of something called energy insecurity, households at risk of not being able to pay their power bills, or under the real threat of having their utilities disconnected. A lot of people, a lot of people, are in that position this year.

This will be an eye-opening conversation for most of us. And it’s a great interview, at least from the interviewee. Give it a listen. You’re going to learn a thing or two if you do. I know I did!

And you can learn the latest about IU sports right here, from one of the programs the IUSTV people produced last night. There’s even a bit on the playoff soccer game that took place today, as the men’s soccer team is vying for their fifth straight appearance in the conference finals. It was incredible, and you’ll hear all about it right here.

After I watched that I went for a little run, and then a walk, and now this, which ends the work week for me. Three-day weekend!

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