I am serious about being casual

Today I decided to rock the fox cufflinks:

I have some cufflinks, of course, and I’ve settled on my preferred style. These are close to them, and I made them. It’s simply an oversized button, a few links of chain and a smaller button. Open the outside links of the chain, feed them through the clasp, close the loops up and there you go. Now, the smaller button is on the inside, and you can feed it through all of the french cuff button holes. The bigger button won’t pass through and so the cuff is sure to be held together. Plus, in this case, that’s a colorful cufflink!

So I’m wearing cufflinks, but they are silly.

Student television:

And television at home, as we head into the weekend:

We’re watching all of the episodes as a ramp up to the final season of Game of Thrones. Six episodes each weekend until the final shows. It’s about to get painful.

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