I like to think I’m more of an autumn …

I tried a new shade of tie today. It got several nice compliments.

Maybe people just know I’m not naturally a purple?

I don’t know how your day was, or how her day was, but sometimes you just need to cuddle with someone while they hold your head:

I recorded a podcast today with Dominick Jean, who is a news editor of the Indiana Daily Student. I’m pretty confident in my thinking that I couldn’t have done this when I was his age:

Speaking of cool things our students are doing … IUSTV is launching a new show, the second of the semester. First they rolled out a weekly late night kind of show. It’s fun and fairly clever. And now, here’s the first scripted drama they’ve done in a few years, it will be full of location and field shoots, I’m told. If you’re in town and fit any of these demos, come on and take on a role:

Isn’t that cool? Students have an idea for a program and they can pitch it to the student television station and then they all go out and produce the thing. Lucidious makes the fifth new series they’ve rolled out since I’ve been here. What a wonderful and unique opportunity.

And let’s end this on a precious little video:

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