The Monday that was, and the weekend before it

I worked on Saturday. Two Saturdays in a row! Last week it was a pre-admissions program for incoming students. Today it was a video program for current students producing short stories on local businesses and programs. Good turnout:

And outside, things are beginning to sprout!

… but after a rainy four-mile run I can definitively say it isn’t yet springtime:

Nor will it be for some time yet, I’m afraid.

Putting up some clean clothes, which Allie doesn’t like, because she likes a big pile and she sat there staring at me as this one got smaller and smaller:

So, of course, I left the last little bit on the bed for her, and then surrounded her in more clothes. This might sound unreasonable, but she stayed like that for a few hours last night. She was happy.

Here’s a monologue I recorded this morning:

And, finally, a program we produced today. Skip beyond the first little bit …

And now we’re on to Tuesday, where we should get up to about 60 degrees, but it still won’t be spring, though it should be.

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