Capital City Classic

Auburn and Alabama play one game of baseball in the state capital each spring. It is a non-conference thing, meant to allow people that don’t normally see the two teams face off on the diamond. Auburn has won all but one of these, and they won this year, 10-1.

This is the ticket:

And that same gaudy graphic is adorning the walls at Riverwalk Stadium (home of the Montgomery Biscuits). It is worth keeping around, I think.

The game was fun, the ribs before it were good, as ever. But the highlight, and the point of all of this, is the people. Here’s the @AUSection111 Glee and Chess Club and Live Bait Shop, class of 2016:

(Daniel, C.J., Beck, Emily, Josh, Thomas, Chandler, Clint and Autumn.)

I heard a speech one time years ago where the speaker said, “Look around. Take a moment and look around this room. This is the last time we’ll all be here together.” And I think about that often. These are good folks. It is a shame we won’t all be together again, very often if at all.

Well, the people and the fireworks. The fireworks are the other point. And if it is possible to say such a thing seriously, these fireworks lacked nuance:

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