On the subject of light

It’s a strange business to be in. The hours are irregular. The interactions vary. The media is occasionally multi-. Some days quiet. Some days hectic. And, somedays, you leave yourself messages like this.

But that’s for tomorrow. Hamster Blitz is a video game some students developed. And we’re using their teaser trailer for some promotional efforts and that was where I left off today. Tomorrow I will start with Hamster Blitz.

For what it’s worth, it looks like a fun game.

What a great way to keep things light, right? A helicopter hamster ball? That would be hysterical. A hamster ball with engines would be equal parts amusing and dangerous. Finally, the hamsters can get their payback.

Maybe this isn’t the sort of light fare we should consider. To a different kind of light, then!

I spent this evening in the studio, which meant a later bike ride home. Changed the views a bit. This is the IU Auditorium. Looks nice in the gloaming.

It looks nice at every time of day, the IU Auditorim. It’s just a lovely facility, but the lights at the top offer a nice bit of atmosphere. Come in here, get some culture. No time for the fine arts, though. I pedaled through quickly racing the darkness as I was.

I did not beat the darkness. But traffic is light at 8 p.m.! And I have a light on my bike! Finally had the chance to use it! It is very bright!

I bought this light in 2020, I think. First time I’ve used it. (I blame the pandemic and, also, life.) This light is still on it’s original charge, even. And the throw is perfect for a casual ride. Remember how you learned about outrunning headlights when you were taught to drive? Something about your reaction time, illumination, velocity and darkness? You could do that here, I think, but for an easy 14 or 15 miles per hour, this is great.

One80 Light is the official illumination provider of my night runs and, now, my night rides. They have a wonderful product, and I need to take more night rides.

I haven’t ridden a bike at night since I was a kid, for some reason, but no excuse for that now, other than, ya know, cars.

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