Look ma, more corn!

I spent much of the day cleaning up my inbox. If you ignore your inbox for the better part of a week it can take the better part of a day to read through everything.

I’m beginning to unravel the mystery of where my days go. It’s all Quora and Pinterest and spam.

The highlight, then, was a little bike ride in the evening. What a great way to bring in a weekend during a week off!

I’m trying to not think of my work inbox, which has also been neglected for a week.

So I distracted myself on my bike ride by going down a road I normally ride up. Up and down are generally relative, of course, but this one has a certain downhill feel to it in this direction.

It was interesting how a simple change of direction on even a seldom-used road changed the tenor of the ride. Indeed, my wheels were humming differently through there.

That road took me out toward the local dirt track, which was ready to make their Friday night noise.

The only problem there is that for almost a mile in any direction the speedway races drown out the sound of any cars coming up behind me. This was most disconcerting.

But, oh, what a pleasant 20 miles. A light and easy way to bring in the weekend.

May your shadow be in front of you all weekend.

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