So much video to show you

I neglected to mention that we fell out of the mask mandates last Friday, coinciding with the state’s standards. I am still wearing a mask — one-way masking, as the soon-to-be-failed euphemism is called — and I am pleased to see how many others still are. (Almost as many as those who were last week, when everyone had independently and collectively given up on communicable disease and respiratory theater.) But the numbers continue to decline here, which is, of course, a delightful coincidence.

Lest we forget where we are …

I have reached the point in the school year where I have to leave myself notes in my calendar to do the most prosaic things at the most random times. At 1 p.m. today it was edit that one little bit of copy for that one project.

I have a standing note on my calendar for each day this week to work on a particular spreadsheet. That’s March at work. These little notes are in addition to my daily index card of meetings and appearance chores.

This is also March at work. Tonight, specifically.

I am once again behind on sharing productions with you here, so let’s get caught up before this gets woefully bad. (Comically bad is bad enough.)

Here’s the fill-in crew on The Toss Up last week. Take it away, Hank.

If that’s not enough sports talk for you, please enjoy The B-Town Breakdown.

And if you are after something with a bit of humor, allow me to share this fine group of human beings with you.

See!? I told you I was comically behind! We aren’t caught up yet. Here’s the morning show.

And here’s my favorite artsy show, where they talk to filmmakers about their work, and make preposition puns.

You might think I live in a studio, and sometimes that feels almost half-right, but I wasn’t even around for those last four shows. Other duties, and all of that.

Anyway, the two news shows will be online tomorrow, and I promise to post them here in a timely fashion. Hopefully I will have something else not TV related to share, as well.

Until then, there’s always more on Twitter and check me out on Instagram, too. Speaking of On Topic with IU podcasts, and, oh hey, did you know that Phoebe and Poseidon have an Instagram account? They do. Check them out.

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