Sometimes, somehow, the day goes quickly

Computers arrived today. Sixteen pallets of them. Ninety-six machines. We unloaded the pallets and took the individual computer boxes out of the larger ones. We put them in temporary storage, waiting for the holidays or some other slow time to install them in our building. (Slow time. The next slow time is scheduled to be three weeks spread out over next summer.) Also, we have 80-something more machines due in next week.

Computers are strenuous exercise around the office. We have six computer lab style classrooms and the giant computer lab.

I remember when the now old ones went in as new ones. It’s an experience that lives with you. How the guy in charge of all of those machines — and their software and the many updates — is able to keep it all straight in his head never ceases to amaze me.

Here’s the first sports show that they shot last night. It’s all the highlights fit to highlight.

The second show will be up on Friday or so.

And now I have to record an interview for the podcast. And then I’ll produce it. And I’ll share it with you, and the rest of the world, tomorrow.

(Update: It was a great subject, and an interesting interview. I think you’re going to like it.)

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