Here’s your Thursday update

We were in the studio tonight. Look! Here’s proof!

Meredith will graduate this year, and then she’ll start her path to taking over roughly everything. She’s teaching herself the jib in that photo. She learns everything. She does everything. She’s going to take over roughly everything one day.

This was during auditions for a next semesters talk shows. We shot two full shows tonight and then ran three test segments and it was one of those times when everything felt like a smoothly-running machine. It’s really great when that happens.

It rained most of the day, and we’ve needed it. Felt unusual to reach for the umbrella. I had to remember which stick on the side of the steering wheel held the windshield wiper controls. It’s been a while.

And with that in mind we talked candy seemingly all day.

And I’ve now added candy to the list of things people will fight over with no provocation. Mind you, this isn’t about possession of the last treat, just your preferences. People have different tastes or favorites in some parts of life, but not in everything, which is weird. You have a favorite restaurant in town, and I don’t like it? That’s fine. Ask two different people familiar with the place where you should go on your next visit to New Orleans. It will devolve to name calling. You want to talk about plumbers or house contractors, any one will seemingly do. People really vie for selling you on their car mechanic though. Differing choices in candy? Fighting words.

This is me: you can like candy corn or you can hate candy corn. Do you have a strong, loud, vociferous defense about your candy corn preferences? You should reconsider your stance.

Also me: whoever created that seeding doesn’t understand how tournament seeding was intended to work.

Finally, one of my friends is covering this over in Ohio today.

There’s more good in us than we regularly share. Don’t let those who would sell you fear and rancor convince you otherwise.

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