Spend a day on the bottom of a pool, get philosophical

I began SCUBA diving as a teen. It was *goes into my wallet to dig out my C-card … * a lot of years ago. Since then, I’ve explored ship wrecks. I’ve swam with turtles and manatees and barracuda. I’ve swam with dolphins in the wild. I’ve caught reef sharks with my bare hands. I’ve been all over the Gulf and the Caribbean and in parts of the Atlantic. I’ve dived ponds and rock quarries.

Saturday the guy that runs the local dive shop let The Yankee and I jump into a high school pool with some of his tanks after his morning class wrapped up. I’ve never dived nothing, though I’ve always wanted to. Just me and a tank and sit on the bottom. There was nothing to see, no place to go. It was great, peaceful, fun. Of course I’d do it again.

Speaking of wildlife, this morning I discovered we’ve got a new colleague at the office:

If you work in a big building, as I do, make sure you rotate through the many doors for entrances and exits. That’s both metaphor and practical advice. Sure, perspectives and all that. If you do, though, you’ll see new things, like that guy, all the time.

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