On the air

It is audition season at IUSTV. Out with the graduating, and in with the new, basically. It’s a fun time, but an emotional time. It is a time of repetitive scripts and camera shots, and a time of surprises.

Also, we’ve been nurturing a funny little rivalry between two of the entertainment shows. The morning show and the late night crowd have been putting little jokes past one another and recording little tongue-in-cheek promos about one another.

Well. Today, the host of Not Too Late jumped into the auditions of the Breakfast Club. He sat in the control while the crew went through the last segments of the real show and a few auditions. He wrote, on the spot, three minutes of jokes for a new script, and put them before the co-host of the morning show. They were all quite good, and she made us vow to never show it anywhere. She didn’t, however, say anything about gifs.

Entertainment, news, sports, it’s always fun watching them work and giving them a hand. Anyway, here are the last episodes the various crews have produced:

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