Send hot chocolate

It got cold, as promised. It is going to get colder, as promised. You’ll see. It is easy to notice the difference if you spend an entire day inside. It is one thing in the morning and the hammer part of a two-part cold front moved in during those 10-or-so hours. Overnight the anvil part of the cold front will be here. No one will be singing when the two collide.

One of the shows our students produced tonight invited a comedienne on. This was my favorite part:

There were about eight of us in the studio and she was doing this for television cameras and without the rest of the troupe she’s accustomed to. And she’s relatively new to comedy and none of this is easy. But she was game for it and that means a lot.

On the way out to the car I shot some footage and then I filed a report to the social media video networks:

The temperature fell another 10 degrees before I could actually upload that video. Think warm thoughts.

Under the very real possibility of -40 degree temperatures in the next 36 hours, the IU campus decided to cancel classes tomorrow. So no school. But campus isn’t closed. So some people, including some students, will still be working. And it will still be way down in the negatives. Think warm thoughts.

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