Happens all the time

I like the way the sun comes into our television studio. I only spend one morning a week in there, but when the clouds don’t interfere you can get some real fun light tricks. But you have to shoot in sequence or the light doesn’t make sense. The onward march of time and all of that. If, that, is, you understand how the building is oriented to the passing sun. But who cares, look at that backlight!

That particular shot is in a corner of the studio. We have four chairs around the corner, so in two seats you can get the nice angelic backlighting effect. And in the other two you get a nice wall treatment. You can see it all here. This is the morning show they shot today:

And we are on the road once more. We’re taking an overnight trip down to Louisville. So we’ll have some barbecue, see a few people, do a few things and then be back it even sets in that we’ve gone somewhere. It takes no time, and it takes a lot of time. And after that, time really flies.

Happens all the time.

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