There’s a video for you

About that Allie photo … she loves boxes now. There are four of them strewn about the house. Her boxes are all of various sizes. Mostly from Amazon. There’s a new Zappos box she is a bit skeptical about, but give it time. The one she’s curled into for today’s Catember photo is her favorite. It is just the right size and … well … who can tell why things make sense to The Black Cat?

Just as interesting, to me, is the idea behind how those boxes came to be her boxes. Quite a few of them come and go through the house, as is the case in so many places these days. Some go into the recycling pile. Some become her playthings. Her favorite box, I’m told, held a dress inside. Maybe she likes it best because of the size. Who can say, really?

Probably because she’s trained us to play with her when she goes to sit in that box.

The hoomans finally get it; don’t change it up.

Sounds pretty plausible for a cat, I’d imagine. Also, I like to think she uses semicolons in her internal monologue, what about it?

Anyway, another evening in the studio. The students are starting to hit their stride. It’s a nice treat to see such big strides early in the year. It bodes well for the shows to come.

Here’s tonight’s show, where the theme is sports:

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