May 16

Not a bad Friday

From this afternoon’s 34-mile ride in Columbus, Georgia. That’s Alabama on the left shore, by the way.

And that marks 80 miles for the week so far.

This guy knows how to pick a motorcycle helmet.

At James Brothers, our local bike shop. This beautiful machine is a Felt AR3. List price is $3499.

And this exquisite monster is a Felt IA time trial bike. If you guys want to chip in and buy me a new bike this one lists at $4999.99.

Baseball! And a cell phone shot. You can actually see the baseball.

Not bad at all.

May 16

A few more historical markers

After this, you can count them on one hand. You can count a lot of things on one hand these days. Anyway, as a refresher, I started some years ago riding my bicycle around the county to take pictures of all of the historic markers. And then I took a very long time off that project. And now I’m wrapping up the project in these last few small batches. You can see them all here. Or you can read a little bit about the sites below and then hit the links to the specific posts.

For instance, during the Civil war, the college was closed and, after the Battle of Atlanta, used as a hospital. I always imagine being wounded and having to make that trip from Atlanta. It was July and hot. It is a good hour and change by interstate today. What must that have been like? Anyway, the chapel was one of the facilities used as a hospital. It is the oldest building in town.

Auburn University Chapel

Also, it is said to be haunted by the spirit of a Confederate soldier. See the markers.

Now this contraption was used to make cannons.

The Lathe

Later it had other industrial uses, lathes being versatile machines. When it was retired it was brought to town and now it is on display with one humble little marker. Legend has it that if you go to the lathe at the right time of night under the right moon and do a dance and say a few chants … you’re doing a dance and saying a few chants. Also, the lathe will move. But that’s just a legend. See more about the lathe here.

Max Morris was a student, and later a hero, and then a warrior. He was one of the Frozen Chosin. And the university named its drill field in his honor. After service was no long compulsory the ROTC of course shrank in size. Eventually the drill field became …

Max Adams Morris Drill Field

You can learn more about Max Morris, and see the ROTC facility, here.

Here are two extras. Right by the lathe is the big iconic building. And on it are a few extra little historical notes. This one notes the campus being used as a hospital.


And this one is the cornerstone to the iconic administrative building. It isn’t the original, which burned in the 1880s, but this one, the replacement, still predates most things still standing around here now.


May 16

It was slow, but it was going

We went for a ride along the Chattahoochee River on Saturday, a nice 43-mile ride. The river looks like this:


And part of the ride looks like this:

Of course, as we have noted in this space before, we only go over there to ride for the breakfast. When in Columbus, visit the nice people at Plucked Up Chicken and Biscuits. You’ll thank me for it later.

Baseball that night:


And the days turn to nights and the days after, faster and faster.

Apr 16

To every meal’s seasoning …

Jeff Price says the Barbecue House is sold and the College Street landmark will be redeveloped. The oldest restaurant in Auburn, Alabama is going away.

He just lost his mother a few years ago. His parents built the business themselves and for most of his life Mr. Price has had his hands in it as well. You could tell that he was getting ready for a new chapter. He still has his health and his family and more happy customers than he could count. People will miss it, but people will understand. That’s the thing about regulars. The employees see you, but you see them, too. You can count plenty of mornings and lunches that he was there.

When I was in undergrad I’d go there for breakfast. And some days I’d just stay there, skip a class, read the paper and then order lunch. I ate there for five years. But then I moved away. Ten years later, when we moved back, Mr. Price asked if I was visiting or if I was back. He remembered me, just another young regular who used to visit his store a decade prior. That’s kind of the place they’ve made at The Barbecue House. That, and the food, will be missed. We’ll have to eat there a lot in the last few weeks.

Everything changes. Everything has changed. It is all different.

At any rate … Nice 2,500 meter swim today.

It only hurt for most of the time.

Apr 16

Kept it under 25 mph, no speed records broken

When you have the chance to take a lazy trip around town on your bicycle just because, you should take it. You get good views if you stick your head into the wind and look around:

I write this down just because I have to somehow remind myself of this from time to time.

Here’s another thing I should remind myself about. One of my favorite things about Great Big Story is how they use crafted visuals to help tell their story. Like this one, for example.