Scenes from a run

Went for a short run after my bike ride from work-to-house. This is almost a brick workout, then. And my first run since last week. On the one hand, this makes two weeks in a row featuring a run. On the other hand, that’s hardly a note of distinction. On the third hand this is the time I’ve run twice in two weeks since July. On the fourth hand, why are we counting a third hand?

Anyway. My knees will hurt for a good two, three days after this. So you better enjoy these pictures.

If you must run, run either at night, or in the golden hour.

Around here, you’ll bump into deer during either of those times. And this doe is unbothered by my existence.

Her fawn doesn’t yet know any better. Still losing spots, gaining experience, and posing casually for photographs.

I ran past that deer, noticed the baby hadn’t flinched, turned and walked back to take that picture. I’m easily within five feet of the fawn.

Sometimes the light conspires with the tree cover and you get something quite nice.

Best part of an otherwise sloppy run.

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