A very lowercase m

Today I moved up in the world, in a physical sense anyway. I spent the afternoon moving things from one office to another office, one floor up.

There was also a fire alarm. The two items were not related. But my new digs have a bookcase! I lost two bookcases in my last move. I was given, instead, some low flung thing that could best be described as a deep entertainment center with a shelf. But that’s no longer my concern. My concern is stocking this bookcase. So I can bring some fancy books back to the office. That means, more importantly, I can move them out of my home office. And all of this, most importantly, means I am able to take two keys off my keyring. My pocket is the big winner.

Speaking of which … where are my keys? Maybe the cats have them.

Let’s check in on the kitties; I know you’re clamoring the for the site’s biggest feature. Here is our biggest cycling fan, ready to take the Poe-dium.

Poe. Poseidon. Podium. Poe-dium. You get it.

Phoebe heard us talking about tomorrow night’s dinner — the really important stuff — and she, too, is ready for taco Tuesday.

She was snoozing on Sunday, and he tried to sneak up on her from underneath a blanket. He was busted.

So they’re doing well, and we’re doing well and we hope you are, too. Hope you’ve had a great start to your week. See you back here for more tomorrow.

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