A few weekend photos, and cats

I had the opportunity to watch the School of Nursing graduation on Saturday. Their ceremonies were in our building for space reasons, and it was neat to see all of those happy, bright young people getting ready to go do some hard work.

Nursing is a calling. All of the good ones are angels, and the rest are certainly working on it.

I noticed for the first time, on the way into the building, this blooming lilac (syringa oblata).

Just in time for summer!

We went for a bike ride this weekend, and I was sucking wind hard enough on the second half that I was able to take a photo to add to the irregular Barns By Bike collection.

And I marked Mother’s Day with a nice call and these classic photographs. I think this was my first snowfall.

We might have been overdressed. If I knew the date I’d look up the weather so we can laugh at the faux fur hooded parka my mom is wearing. But, instead, I just had a nice chat with her. She’s enjoying a weekend getaway vacation, and we enjoyed a nice long chat yesterday evening.

And now it’s time for you to enjoy the weekly check-in with the cats.

Here’s Phoebe doing one of the things she does best.

That cat relaxes so hard. I’m not saying she’s lazy. She has an intensity to her naps heretofore unseen by mortal man.

Poseidon was enjoying a little time in the window this morning.

Better than licking the blinds. He loves blinds. And every day I don’t have to take some broken blinds down and waste an hour buying and installing new ones is a victory.

That’s a three-blind window, and I have replaced each of them because of that cat.

Poseidon, like a cat does, also likes to get in all the places Poseidon isn’t supposed to be. These are strictly inside cats, so the evenings when we are cooking out Poseidon wants to go outside in a most desperate way. Someone has to hold him.

Enter the cardboard boxes they enjoy.

Phoebe was all too happy to play the role of the watchful warden. She stayed on the top of the second box the whole time he was in there. For most of that time he was purring happily away, too. And we didn’t have to worry about him while grilling.

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