First shows of the semester

I teased yesterday’s television productions. Now they’re online. The guest I showed you appeared in this show, where she talks about a new and very special project on campus:

And the first news show of the semester is here:

It’s a bit later than normal because they started the spring term with a virtual-only schedule for the first three weeks. So, now, getting shows back underway, we’re already five weeks into the term. Tempus fuggedaboutit.

Tomorrow, sports, and some other dry runs, and a Friday show and then a Monday program and on and on and … we’re suddenly up to full speed. It’s a bit like not marveling at how a train is traveling until it’s already topped out.

Anyway, light day today, a longer one tomorrow. And then the slow push to the weekend. We are promised two days above freezing for the first time in a solid two weeks.

Believe it when you can see the mercury, right?

But, first, there will be more snow to shovel tomorrow!

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