All snow all the time

Had a fair amount of snow overnight. We were supposed to get one to three inches. We’d already gone out, around 11 p.m., to shovel the drive. And then, around midnight, the forecast was updated to four to seven inches. I checked before turning in and the driveway and sidewalks were already coated again.

I didn’t shovel again. This morning I just drove over it. A good refresher for what the roads around here look like.

I don’t know anything about cleaning roads, and I’m not sure who does.

We live in the county, and our road isn’t plowed. But the next road gets addressed, and working up to the main road is a progression. Our road was just snow, the next one was a slushy mess, the following road looked like it had just rained. The big four-lane road was basically dry. And that was the best of it, the closer you got to downtown and campus, the more the quality degraded again.

At home, we received this much snow.

We won’t see any temperatures above freezing for a week or more, so this, our first proper snowfall of this winter, won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. This weekend will be bitter cold. And then, if next week’s forecasts are to be believed, we could add another 10 inches to this. And then maybe spring will show up, he laughed, knowing that won’t happen until April.


That’s a long way away.

There are new images on the front page. The general idea is finally coming together. I am quite pleased with it and this will be the style for a while, and I’ll change the photos from time to time. Until I get bored with this idea.

Anyway, click on this photo and you’ll go to the front page and see what I’m talking about.

Now I can spend more time working on another photo project. Good a way as any to while away the winter.

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