Not as much as you’d imagine

I interviewed an economist today. I think I only used one economic term incorrectly, which is about the right sort of pace for me. I took a lot of economics classes in college — micro, macro, ag, to name a few — but that was a fair while back and he’s the expert and I only have a minor in the stuff.

He’s part of a group that’s putting out an annual projection later this week and he was kind enough to let me interview him for the third time since this summer. But, what’s nice is that he’s an economist who overlooked my misused term and just answered the question he knew that I was trying to get to.

Anyway, I’ll publish that podcast next week. I just wanted you to know you have that to look forward to. In fact, I have another interview on Friday and so there are two programs you can look forward to next week.

But you don’t have to wait that long for quality content. Here’s some more work our students did this week. Here’s Tuesday’s news show:

Freshman news anchor right there. She did a nice job, and we’re excited to see what she does next.

And then, after the news show, there was the pop culture and current events show. They had a nice interview with the people from the dance marathon.

How do you run a weekend-long dance marathon during a pandemic?

It went virtual, like so many of the things in these students lives. They raised $4.2 million, I think it was, last year. And this year, amidst everything else, they still raised almost $3 million for Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. It’s incredible what a bunch of motivated college students can do.

I was able to call it a day at a normal time and it was still (barely) daylight when I got in the car. It was all-but-dark when I got in. It’s a 4.5-mile drive. That’s the downside, the tradeoff, the other side of the coin and the yang to those long languid summer days they have here. You can stand in the yard in June and enjoy the miracle of daylight at 9:30 or so. But this time of year, if you have a schedule with just the right sort of quirk in it, you might not see the sunshine daylight all day. I saw maybe 45 minutes of it today.

Home at a reasonable time. Can’t go anywhere. So what did I do with all of this evening’s extra time?

Not as much as you’d imagine.

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