Christmas Eve

How many of you got to wear short sleeves on Christmas Eve? How many of you got to run on the beach on Christmas Eve?

Some day for it, really. Some day for all of it.

The Yankee’s uncle came up to join us, as he always does. He brought the ravioli, which he always does. It is the traditional Christmas Eve meal here. (They know about good food for Christmas, my in-laws.) This is a new ravioli, because the old place closed.

It’s third generation pasta from Italy, according to the website. It could be fourth-generation. Maybe the site is out-of-date. Maybe the grandson’s kids are working the holidays. Who can say? We can only know what we know. What we know: that was good ravioli.

This was my placemat this evening, and it is apropos:

Hope you have a good visit from Santa, and that he goes back up the chimney — or out the keyhole — a lot lighter than when he came in.

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