A TV show’s trailer is the high water mark here. Really.

It was a low-key weekend. Oh, there were plans, goals even. There were tasks to be performed and achievements to be met. It turned into one of those days where you have the big ambitions and then meet none of them. It turned into a weekend of those days.

But, hey, I did have a lovely dinner with friends one night and at least I got all the laundry done and the dishes washed.

This trailer came out. Perhaps you’ve seen it already:

And then someone at Gizmodo broke the whole thing down in almost frame-by-frame detail. The people doing that should get an advance screening, just as a reward. It’s OK, I can wait another day.

Mostly I’m relieved the Data bit is a dream. It’s going to work out better that way.

So maybe CBS All Access is the service I’ll pick up. At least until someone does a skin service for all of these things. There’s a marketplace for that, legalities be damned.

Anyway, today was a long day that just kept getting longer, somehow. It concluded with a meeting that began at 7 p.m. An important meeting, and I was happy to be a part of it. But I left the office at 8:15. Then I went to the wrong place, because it was that kind of day, before going to the right place. It’s the same store, on basically the same street, just 2.8 miles and a 12-minute drive apart. That’s good franchise planning, and accounts for my general confusion in this instance. (But only this instance.) After that, the next place I had to go closed precisely one minute earlier and the people inside just looked at me as if they were struck dumb by the prospect of a customer, in general, let alone the hour. If I’d chosen the first stop correctly I could have made it to the third place prior to the store closing. But that’s Monday for you.

Very well, then, back tomorrow, when the morning side crew will be no less surprised, because who stops by a store on a Tuesday morning anyway?

After that failed customer experience we finally had dinner, about an hour before the chosen restaurant closed. So there were two tables filled, which was nice. A quiet restaurant for two! The nice young lady who served our table (better than the humorless lady who would just rather … not) really wanted to do her cut work and go home, so she was happily elsewhere. And, happily, we’re a pretty low maintenance table.

Anyway, in a few minutes I plan on trying to fall asleep. Perhaps I’ll fall asleep reading some news site. I just hope it’s not the comments. Or maybe it will be the comments. What a thing to fade off, too, comments on some news story that seemed like a good idea at the time when you opened the tab, but now that nine tabs are open, you start to question the choice. And so you read the comments. And then you drift off.

That’s how you get a head start on Tuesday.

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