The new photo game

As I mentioned last week, The Yankee and I invented a new game. We take photos of nonsensical things for arcane reasons. The game is made up and the points don’t matter, but we had a good time with it. She won this first round, but only barely. Here are a few of my efforts. Remember, friends, I am a professional.

Cream and cream:

I was accused of staging this photograph, but that was before we had rules about staging our shots. (I totally staged that shot.)

I think this one speaks for itself:

From the utilitarian nihilism of the postal system and boxes in general, to the practicality of asphalt paint:

And then of course there’s Max, the standee. I thought this was a great submission in the game at the time, but this game can change on you in a hurry. That’s what Max taught me:

Wouldn’t it be a shame if I lost this game on the Max shot? This game needs rules. That’s what I’ve learned today. Give me rules and a camera and I can put out a good effort. Without that, though, these pictures are just going to get interesting eventually. I am a professional.

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