I know The Answer

I had lunch with a former student today. Alex “The Answer” Eady graduated a year ago and has been doing news on WTIU here locally since then. We’ve been able to get together a few times over that period with her busy schedule. Today, though, was a sad meeting, because she’s skipping town.

I’ve watched her work for three years now, and now I’ll have to see it from afar. Her next stop is Virginia, and big things are in store for her. She’s got all the talent, charm, work ethic and know how one needs to be the next big thing. Her time is coming and she’s going to take advantage of it in a big way.

I’ll just miss the lunches.

But there’s always social media. And with her move, I’ll have former students, and now friends, working in 18 markets across 13 states.

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